Depression and suicide are difficult things to talk about. But often enough, when spoken about one the other seems to always come up. Sadly, nowadays, the topic seems to be prevalent in all our societies.

Some of us are lucky, to be able to wonder, what could drive someone to end their life. To casually comment and normalize ‘depression’. To be able to view and dismiss suicide as a means of ‘asking for attention’.

While some of us, not so much. Depression is a nasty creature. It prowls and  gnaws at the back of your minds. It scratches at the surface of your conscience, patiently leaving mark after mark onto the wall of security you’ve made. Always, beat after beat, leaving scars on the recesses of your mind.

Depression is shifty by nature.

Sometimes it’s a jarring silence, a numbness that spreads and makes the void worse. It’s as if all the world is blurred and the muffled static of the world is all that you hear. It’s almost like being wrapped, suffocated, by a fuzzy blanket and you’re rooted to the floor.

Other times, it’s a blaring noise, blinding you and making you keel over. Thoughts and words swirling back and forth in your mind, making you lose your own voice in the shouting match in your mind. 

But at all times, depression makes you feel helpless. As if you’re floating untethered in a sea of noise. Adrift and helplessly holding onto a plank of wood, looking for solid land. It’s here that you contemplate about the end.

“The end.”

There is a scary feel to it, a final note that marks the finale. It’s a terrifying thought but there’s also a tinge of comfort that it’d finally be over. That twisted form of hope that death would solve everything.

But it won’t.

Death won’t do anything but be what it is. It is the absence of life, not the solution to the hardship that we face.

So if this is you, if you’re at this crossroad, I hope you’ll listen to this plea. Remind yourself that you’re here for a reason. That every human life has a value.

“So Verily With The Hardship, There is Relief.

Verily, With The Hardship, There is Relief”

[Surah Al-Insyirah , 94: 5-6]

Remember that Allah s.w.t. has a plan for you and that He values you. That He promises that there will be relief. That He would not bestow upon you anything that you could not persevere through.

So this is for you, be it the quiet outsider, the class clown, or the year’s weirdo. It could even be you, the loud valedictorian, the popular athelete, or the average Jane/Joe, remember to hold on, sabr and take it day by day.

You will get through it. Just don’t give up.