Disclaimer: An LDR is definitely not for everyone, but I do want to share the positive side of it all, despite the difficulties that come along with it.

Just the mere utterance of a long distance relationship (LDR) will cause many to let out a huge sigh or scream of dismay. Nobody actually wants to go through one and most believe it’s a ship set to sink in due time.

It’s easy to understand why people aren’t keen on long distance relationships; there is plenty of waiting involved, what feels like endless goodbyes and that heart-tugging feeling of wanting to be there physically for your partner during times of need. However, I am here to tell you that despite all this, it’s worth it.

Here are some reasons why long distance relationships can make you fall deeper in love and tips on how to maintain it.

1. You appreciate each other more

When you have a limited amount of time together before you eventually have to part ways again, you learn to appreciate the little things. For example, going to the movies together or having dinner at a restaurant with gorgeous ambiance. You then learn to truly miss each other, in a way that you might not be able to fully grasp if you were in the same town together. You will also start to notice all the little things that your partner does which can become such a meaningful part of your relationship, because you develop gratefulness towards each other. That is a skill every partner should possess.

2. Skype and Whatsapp become your best friends

Imagine having to call each other instead of meeting up in person for months, or even years. Communication is the ultimate key to a long-lasting relationship, whether it be LDR or not (more so on LDR tho). When you have to rely solely on communication, you learn to relay your thoughts and feelings in a better and concise manner. Your tone must be conveyed well or unavoidable friction could spark immediate fury. Misunderstandings are probably the biggest worry as well; so please ensure that you take your time to respond and not react when you are angry. I must also add that one of the best things about Skype is that you can spend quality time together via online games, sharing the screen to watch a movie or even just enjoying each other’s company while doing your own things. It’s all about being creative and appreciate of how you spend time with each other.

3. The bittersweet airport greets and goodbyes

Considering your time apart consists of the both of you scheduling time for each other in your busy lives, counting down the days till you meet again is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re waiting at the airport when suddenly… You see your partner’s head sticking out from the crowd and you’re both brimming with joy! As for the goodbyes, though difficult, there is beauty in it as well because it certainly reminds you of all the love you have towards this person and the reason you can’t give up on the relationship.

4. You think about the big picture

Please remind yourself that the distance and struggle you are feeling right now is short-lived in comparison to having your whole lives ahead of you (if you are planning to settle down together). I cannot emphasise enough for what I am about to say next: set an end goal! Always put into consideration your partner’s thoughts and feelings of what the both of you want out of the relationship, and come to a compromise for the benefit of both your futures. If your partner went overseas to study while you had to stay home for your education, remember to be happy for each other no matter what, because once you’re in the same country again for as long as you like, the prospect of the light at the end of the tunnel is very real and attainable.