Whether you’re still trying to get to grips with your first full-time job or are comfortably settled in that sweet spot of your career where you’re satisfied but not stagnated, the idea of spending $400 for a piece of modern art to decorate your space is probably not one that automatically sits well with you. Shelling out a few hundred bucks for something that you can’t even practically use is not ideal when you have responsibilities, and sooner or later you might start thinking that having an expanse of lime green walls in your home is actually more acceptable than buying some paint and potentially screwing up your house. For those of us who don’t have the benefit of owning our own living space, the choices drastically narrow down to things you can easily take apart-unless you’re willing to part with your hefty deposit.

However, with a little time and some effort, you can DIY your way to achieve walls that are Tumblr-worthy and adorable decor that aren’t just quirky but functional storage spaces. Best of all, you don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg to have a touch of your own soul in the interior design of your home, instead of a fancy, expensive sculpture that’s just going to become a makeshift clothes rack.

1. DIY Picture Frames

Back when we still used film camera extensively and photo albums racked up the space on our shelves, I’d take out a few photos and stick them on my own bedroom door, because my parents didn’t allow me to put up posters on my walls (boo). And as I grew older, I started utilizing materials like black card paper, popsicle sticks and a bit of glue to create makeshift frames for those photos. While there are inexpensive photo frames, the choices usually run towards the tacky end of the spectrum, and I’d rather cut up a few pieces of paper than have a plastic border ruin the aesthetics of my photo.

2. Snack Packaging as Stationery Storage

This hack was something I saw in the office of an acquaintance, and I thought it was pretty innovative. Instead of throwing away the packaging of your cookies and contributing to the demise of the earth’s ecosystem, why not reuse them as storage for your stationery? You can even place the odd bits and ends hiding in the back of your office drawer and arrange them to your heart’s content in the packaging, and use them to brighten the look of a simple snack packaging.

3. Magazine Cutouts as Wall Art

If you have a lot of old magazines laying around and some time for a project, get a pair of scissors and unleash your creativity with some DIY wall art! Is there a particular page that caught your eye? Cut it out and frame it with a simple white background and understated wooden framing. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, you can arrange scrap paper from the magazines to create stencil art; it’s a touch of edgy class with none of the expense of extravagant modern art.

4. Popsicle Sticks Decor

If you’re less into wall art and looking for something that’s more practical but still decorative enough for your taste, you can always build your own storage sculpture-out of Popsicle sticks! You can keep it subtle with plain wooden sticks, or dress it up with the vibrant colour-ed ones instead. All you need is a bit of imagination, glue and some sticks; possibly a cutter as well if you’re planning to let out your inner Michelangelo and create a masterpiece of a key holder bowl.