Let’s face it: We are extremists. I know, it seems like an inappropriate start to an article entitled as above, but hear me out- We are extremists in a sense that when it comes to academics or anything work-related, there are merely two kinds of people; that is, the workaholics and the procrastinators. These two kinds of people belong on two ends of a spectrum, and thus, are extremists. It is a beautiful thing then, with that said, to know that there are such things as DIYs, for DIYs not only result in a therapeutic and calming effect to the DIY-doer, it also obviously results in end products that you find useful, which is why you decided on embarking in the DIY journey into creating the said object in the first place.

Today we will list out three DIY projects you can do, in hopes to help the two kinds of extremists aforementioned in the dramatic exposition into this article. With DIYs, the workaholic would be able to get some down time and let his/her mind work into something that does not involve work but instead imagination and creativity. On the other hand, when the procrastinator is concerned, these DIYs will surely give a boost into motivating his/her to carry out the tasks that he or she has been assigned to.

DIY Productivity Planner

Moleskine ®, schmoleskine- You can make your own planners, all to fit your needs and your preferences. Not to belittle Moleskine ® planners in any way whatsoever, for they truly are gorgeous, but you will have tons of fun creating your own DIY productivity planner, and they will be just as awesome. Here is how you make one:

You will need some binder rings, a binder cover, which essentially can be any paper that is thick and sturdy enough to keep the rest of the pages inside intact and some printed planner templates which you can either make yourself or find online; you can find theme anywhere, but here is a link to a few that you might like.

Cut and arrange your planner templates accordingly, and attach some pages with stuck-out tabs in between each month. Let your creativity go crazy with this one- You are able to customize your cover to look like whatever you please, as well as you are able to add your own flair to your monthly pages.

DIY Calendar

The beauty of making your own DIY calendars is that you can customize it to look as appealing to you as you can, so you won’t have to avoid looking at the calendar (and thus, looking at your responsibilities) and you can make your calendars as big as you can, so you won’t be able to miss it even if you wanted to!

Look for some printable calendar templates online, or create your own on your favourite image-editing software on your laptop. You can choose to stick in on some cork-board and hang that up on you wall, or you can put the calendar under the glass covering of your desk- Do whatever you want with it.

DIY Notebook

The concept of making a DIY notebook should be similar to making the aforementioned DIY planner, but let us put a little twist to this how-to. You would need some sturdy card or printer paper, some thread or embroidery floss, something you can use to create little holes and some blank paper to make the pages in your notebook.

Take the desired number of blank paper to make as your pages and fold them in half. Keep in mind that you would need to halve them separately. Stack them up together, and at the most bottom of the stack, place your halved card or printer paper. Take your poker, and make evenly-spaced out holes on the fold in the middle of the pages. Stitch these pages accordingly with your thread or embroidery floss and you will end up with your own DIY notebook that you can use for work, fun or for bullet journaling purposes!