For a person who has a heart that loves to travel, he or she would know that food often becomes an expense. Whether you are traveling for leisure or for work, you would need to eat. If you love food as much as I do, it’s tough to even think about spending less on it, especially when you’re on holiday. There is always that thought in the back of your mind telling you that you need to explore and eat all the delicious food no matter how much they cost. You’re on vacation anyway.

As a traveller or a tourist, we need to spend wisely. Along with the hotels and entertainment, the spending on food add up so much to your cost, very quickly. However, trying out local cuisine and delicacies is one of the greatest ways to experience your destination, so maybe, don’t miss that one out! The authenticity of the flavour over there can be an exception.

There are plenty of ways for you to please your palate whilst you are on holiday without you breaking the bank.

Grocery store. It’s quite simple, really: shopping for food at supermarkets, the farmers’ markets, or the closest Seven Eleven. Half the fun of overseas travel is exploring the local markets and supermarkets. Sometimes, there’s a different taste to it compared to the ones back at home. It will save you a lot of money on food. Fresh bread, a few slices of cheese and a piece of fruit can be both fulfilling and satisfactory for you. You can even prepare your lunch and dinner if your hotel room has a kitchen and its utensils.

Eat hotel food if it is included. The time for breakfast is served at the certain time, so be sure to get out of that comfortable hotel bed to eat some. You paid for your hotel room so you deserve to enjoy what they offer. You should use their gym while you’re at it, but that’s probably for another article.

Choose locations wisely. Do some homework before you go abroad. If you use TripAdvisor, you can see what places are near to your hotel. Look it up on the Internet and see what the shops have. Check out local food blogs before you go on a trip. Personally, I like to read Brad of Ladyironchef, he’s Singaporean who travels and gives the best recommendations on where to eat or have coffee! If it is expensive, however, well, at least the food’s great!

Eat where the locals are eating. Don’t ask the concierge, they might suggest you to eat at the fanciest restaurants. Avoid these touristic restaurants. Ask the locals, surely they would know where to find the best food that’s also cheap.

Street food. Some of the best budget food out there comes from the street vendors. It is hearty and cheap, and lets you try local delicacies without overcharging you. To choose a vendor or a stand in a city you’ve never been to, needs decisions to be made. There is the risk of getting food poisoned, so you need to be very cautious. I’ve been to Yogyakarta in Indonesia once, and we tried a vendor, it’s called a warung in Indonesian. The local food tasted so good and it was a plus for us because some locals came singing with their guitar! Food and entertainment, it’s a nice combination!

When you are traveling, you need to budget wisely, plan your meals in advance, just like how you would when you are at your home country. I know, I know, we all want to splurge on food when traveling, and then call it ‘holiday weight’ when we add some extra pounds, but we don’t want to come back home realizing we burned all our savings. We need to remember that to appreciate all the unique flavours and culinary styles, it does not mean we need to overspend. Also, please bare in mind that although you want to budget your spendings, always remember and think about the cleanliness and hygiene. No one wants to ruin a trip by getting food poisoning, it will run up your traveling expenses and bills to medically treat you. Medicine and the doctor’s services is not cheap, especially when you’re not from that country!