As far as I can remember, I’ve always had some sort of doodle in the margins of all the notebooks I’ve used. Whether they’re wonky flowers or vines creeping up the side of the page, they’re inexplicably slotted in between barely legible Bio notes or on one of my journal pages.

I’m not an incredibly artistic person, but I like being able to mix a doodle in between the many words I churn out on a day to day basis. It could be my subconscious self remembering fairy tales of my childhood and wanting to go back to that period of innocence, but I believe doodling is more than just a mere waste of time, despite what the naysayers may say. There have been numerous studies linking to the idea of doodling as a positive habit, and I for one am happy that this myth of doodling being a waste of a time is getting thoroughly debunked.

1. Doodling helps you to focus

Contrary to popular belief, doodling can aid you in your focus, especially in a world that caters to a society that runs on a short-span attention. With how website pages are brought up in less than a second and the way we get antsy from waiting for a text that’s five minutes late, doodling keeps us concentrated on a single task for longer than it takes you to choose a filter for your Instagram post; not that there’s anything wrong with it. Nevertheless, this practice will also help you to process information at a deeper and more meaningful level as well.

2. Doodling keeps you creative

Your doodle doesn’t have to be a mood mandala. They can be lopsided cacti in pots or a deranged looking cat, because creativity has no limits. Doodles don’t have to be planned; they flow from the recesses of your mind, and allow you to be more in touch with your creative side.

3. Doodling relaxes you

Just the act of picking up a pencil or pen and putting it on paper is like the act of taking in a deep breath, and as I create my flowers and vines, I can feel the tension in my shoulders seep out with every stroke. Just as doodling allows you to harness your creativity, it will also help you to take a break from the demands of the world for a few minutes, and realign your focus once you’re calmer and more rested.

4. Doodling is fun

Sometimes, we don’t need scientific studies to justify a completely harmless hobby like doodling. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and like I’ve mentioned, it doesn’t hurt anyone. So even if you aren’t able to draw more than a four leaf clover, if it makes you happy to do so, there’s no reason to stop doodling.