Finding a great outfit from head to toe under $30 can be really difficult… and stressful if I might add. Especially in this economy. Stress level to shop is through the roof. But, if you’re like me, who plans out her shopping routine from the moment I stepped into the store to the moment I lined up at the checkout point, then you’ll be fine. I’m the type of person who goes through lengths to get what I want. I don’t really have a specific preferences; I’m more like, “I like what I like” type of person. I like to go for anything inexpensive but yet you’ll feel at least like a rockstar at the end. Or to say the least, you’ll feel more “you”.

For instance, if I do go on holidays, be it short or long, or just for the weekend, I like to plan ahead of time on where is preferable (for my wallet) to shop and spend my money wisely on things that I know for a fact I’ll be wearing for a very long time. I like to shop for things that would last me awhile. Not something that is short-lived. I don’t go by that mantra. I am all about the “ever-afters”.

Thus, I have a few tricks in mind that I would more than love to share it with you, to save up some money, also to help you look bombdigs.

I believe in the power of mix and match. Especially with colours. However, I never really dared on playing with bright neon colours. I gravitated mostly towards pastels and very earthy colours as of late. I’ve learned the hard way in trying to stay within the lanes of pastels and earthy colours. Back then, I would spend recklessly on outfits that looks stunning on the mannequins but unappealing and unattractive on me. I had countless of relatives telling me I look like a clown on steroids, when in reality, I just thought I looked decent. Thus, there goes all of my never worned outfits with completed tags still attached on them to charities.

These are the three things I need to have and can not love without to amp up my look:


As for me, a complete look is not totally complete without some colour on your lips. Be it a nude shade, or a bright red lip shade. There could be a plethora of different coloured shades, yet us women can never settle with just one colour.

But in all honesty, most women wear lipstick because it’s an added element to an already beautiful self. All it does is give the right kind of feeling. Some people can not leave the comfort of their home without filling in their eyebrows. Nope! not for me. Lipstick changes my whole look. It completes me. Simply put, it takes away the dullness out of my look. It helps colour my face and yet empower me. And of course, it adds that pop of colour to resonate my mood.

Voluminous hair
There is a saying that says “Your hair is your crown”. It is true. It changes your whole look! I can not seem to settle if my hair is not “done”. It’s hard for me to properly explain to people how I like to style my hair. It has its own days and sometimes when it chose to not listen, I’ll put on a headband.

Sometimes when I know I’ve to go to an event early in the morning, I would normally take a night shower before bed, and I would put enough argon oil in my hair to make it more voluminous the next day. I like to give extra attention to my hair in hopes that it will not disappoint me the next day. It doesn’t make any sense to some people, but I find that I’m not alone in this situation.

Photo Courtesy : EJStyle

A plain or printed top with bell sleeves
Nowadays you can see how most women are so into these really intense sleeves. First of, I think for me, I’m a talker with my hands. And thus, with these sleeves it would accentuate more of my craziness. Plus, I thought it would be nice to pair it with a simple earring to somewhat balance out the “craziness” I would say. But bare in mind, it doesn’t look that crazy nor loud. Its just attract the attention of the majority to your hands.

On a serious note, with this kinds of top, it blends well according to your mood. It goes really well for any formal events and for any casual dates if you’re trying to pull off that “girly” and “demure” look for the night.