I’m sure that by now, we have settled down well into 2019 without writing it down as 2018. As an advocate for self-care, I believe that taking care of your skin is the easiest form of self-love.

My journey into skincare started during puberty at 14 and my skin was just not responding to the normal soap and water. I remember buying my first 3-step skincare regime that came with a free toiletry bag by Clean & Clear – it didn’t help either.

So I accepted my pimply-faced fate, but never stopped experimenting with new cleansers and different alcohol-based toners, which I now know is not the best option for my skin!

The idea of starting a skincare regime may sound intimidating at first, but if you know the basics – cleanse, tone and moisturise – you will be fine. The journey to find a routine that works for you is frustrating. A product may be a hit or miss, or you may discover an ingredient that you are allergic to.

For those who are just starting out, fret not because I have listed out a few skincare resolutions that may help you to achieve great skin and make you confident enough to go au naturel ala Alicia Keys!

  1. Drink more water

The goal is to drink eight glasses of water a day. It may vary according to your body weight but eight is easy to remember.

With technology advancement these days, I have become that person that gets notifications on her phone to drink water. (Yes, they have an app for it)

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t like the bland taste of water, infusing it with fruits really does wonders to giving it taste. I highly recommend a few slices of lemon in your water!

  1. Always wear sunscreen

Growing up having my mother scold me for playing in the sun as a child, I have always been aware of the dangers of UV rays, thanks to the many sunburns I have endured.

I also understand how much effort it is to slap on layers and layers of product on my face, and my solution is moisturisers with SPF. If you are clueless to what kind of SPF your skin needs, I suggest that the higher the number, the better it is for you. (I use SPF 50)

  1. Double cleanse

Having only learnt about double cleansing in the past two years, I can safely say that the effects really show when you double cleanse. The texture of your face is smoother and it really does feel cleaner.

There are two ways for you to double cleanse, which is with oils or with micellar water. My favourite is the latter, and this also works as a make-up remover at the end of the day.

  1. Limit dairy and sugar

Unfortunately, these two are the main cause for my skin problems and I realise that controlling them has done wonders to my skin. This is probably the hardest resolution because of my sweet tooth, and not to mention being an avid baker – my kitchen is never without milk and sugar!

However, if you notice I am limiting and not avoiding dairy and sugar. How I do this is by switching to plant-based milk and substituting sugar with honey (or agave nectar!)

Plant-based milk may sound like a dent in your bank account, but making your own milk is inexpensive. You can find step-by-step directions here.

  1. Wash off your makeup before going to bed

Leaving your makeup still intact overnight should be a cardinal sin! I am no stranger to waking up with mascara gunk in my eyes after a long night, and not to mention my skin will haunt me with a pimple soon after.

So I make it a point to always take off my make-up every night.

With that said, I wish you all good skin health always.