From our hectic schedules, day-to-day meetings and conferences, to mommy duties and to getting in shape, we all need to catch a breather and treat ourselves with a little break. The book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ written by Elizabeth Gilbert, which the beautiful Julia Roberts starred in the movie based on it, makes us all want to dive into the world of serenity and reconnect with our souls.

We’re just so busy with our lives, sticking to the same routine every single day. Sometimes we’d even feel bad for taking a day off, or just to put ourselves first. We face a turning point, confused on what’s important. What really matters to us? There’s a need to create boundaries in our lives, to have more alone time, to reconnect and discover ourselves. So allow yourself to take what you need, time alone, meditate, rediscover, figure out who you are and reflect on the life you’ve been having and refresh your next few steps in life.

We need to be alone sometimes. We’re always surrounded by people, talking to people we’ve known longer than we can remember, or being with people we just met. We’re always on our phones, social media distracts us and at the end of the day, sometimes we just want to do something different. It’s fine to to be alone, you have the freedom to be introspective. You get to see the bigger picture, reflect on your past, focus on your present and future. At times we need to ask ourselves, “Am I happy?”

The movie Eat, Pray, Love reminds us that it’s completely fine to explore other places and do what we want and will. Dive into something you’ve never done before but have always wanted and dreamed of doing. Take your day off, we all need a break anyway!

Women need to be reminded of a few things:

1. Happiness is what you need to pursue, it’s not just by luck.

If it’s what makes you happy, or what you yet to know will make you happy, pursue it. Don’t just watch the day go by and wait for a type of joy to come knocking on your door. If traveling is what you want, seeing another side of the world, then just do it. If we depend on what’s going on in our lives and just follow the flow, we won’t be able to live life to the fullest. Sometimes we have to make our own move and chase the joy ourselves.


2. Write the story of your life according to you, not what everyone expects you to have

We’re constantly pressured since we were young. It’s been carved and engraved on our minds that we need to accomplish a certain goal to get to somewhere. It all feels obligated. Build a life that you want, that’s what’s really important. Pleasing others is one thing, doing what you want for yourself is another. Of course, it’s totally fine to live a normal life like everyone else, but what really matters is that you love what you do.


3. Life knocks you down to get yourself back up again.

Whether it is losing a loved one, failing a big test, or not getting that job you dreamt of. Life shakes you and something happens that makes us think that everything that we’re doing is wrong or can be changed. A toxic friendship makes us want to rethink of the type of people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes things need to be let go, to make room for something better.


4. Part of having a balanced life is going through something that’s the opposite of it.

Every now and then, pleasing and caring for the people that we love uses up so much of our time and energy. That’s OK. When we love someone, it brings us joy when we help them. It makes us feel good. It’s better, though, to have people who are just as selfless as you are to them. It pains a person sometimes when they’re always nice to them and doing them favours, but once you want them to help you, they’d instantly say ‘no’. Live a balanced and organized life, but ultimately, you need the love of your friends to help carry you through and inspire you to love yourself.

So back to the question, what could be the reason to why you don’t feel happy or content? If you dig deep, you may find that the root cause of the problem in your life is the lack of compassion to your own being. Often, we can be hard on ourselves, self-loathing, thinking that we’re not good enough. We’re our own critic, and we tend to be harsh on ourselves. So be kinder and loving to ourselves.

You don’t need to spend so much money to travel abroad, or buy yourself a designer handbag and make yourself feel accomplished. A simple day at the spa or the hair salon to pamper yourself, or sitting at the coffee shop, or drowning yourself in a book, can change your mood, let yourself reconnect. Take a social media detox, enjoy your food, cook yourself a good meal and love every bite of it. Feel free to do anything. Find a spot to meditate, at the beach, at the gym or in your own bedroom. The little things can mean so much to you in later years once you look back and reflect. 

So listen to your heart, find out who are, and have the courage to follow what you really want. Find yourself, or reinvent yourself. Just like getting lost while driving, you’re allowed to make the wrong turns if you end up finding the place. Happiness is a state-of-mind. Maybe it’s not something simple, but it’s a skill. Who knows, it might just lead you to the path of joyousness and tranquility.