Ever wonder why you’re always tired, always hungry or why you’re not losing the extra weight you’re trying to lose? It’s important to see the patterns of your eating habits or watching over what you eat: counting your calories, which has been very popular in nowadays.

People are getting more health conscious and to be in shape to look good, but most importantly, to feel good. To start, you must believe that you can make any change you desire. With the ever-growing food chains that are present, it can be difficult for some, like myself, to stop from indulging onto all those glorious and delicious food. Frankly speaking, food is my weakness and I could eat just about anything! There is, of course, a lot of options to exercise, those yoga and spin classes nearby.

Exercising is good, but calorie counting might make it even better. It is one of the ways to tackle the problem of over-eating by managing your food intake. Its ultimate goal is to integrate healthy eating and exercise into your everyday lifestyle.

What’s great about it is that you don’t have to change the food you eat in order to lose that extra weight. It teaches you portion sizes and the density of the calorie of the food you take, hence, portion control. Not only does it monitor how many calories you’re consuming make you feel empowered to control how your weight fluctuates, but you will also thrive to have healthy habits for the future and be more conscious about what tempts you to eat unhealthy foods or large servings, for example, that set meal of burger with fries, and that coke… in LARGE!

Once you start counting your calories, you’ll then learn how many calories are burned during a workout. Weight loss isn’t just about eating less, you tend to learn to measure how much you take in and how much you use up. To lose weight, one has to burn more fuel than you pump into your body.

If you’ve never done calorie counting and wish to start, here are some tips. I would suggest that you take a day or two to eat normally, only this time, track everything! It’s important to be honest with yourself, even if it means to ditch those those hi-tea sessions and snacking that day. This allows you to compare with yourself later.

Some Useful Guides! 

  • Download a calorie counting app onto your mobile phone, such as MyFitness Pal , Lose It!, Cron-o-meter, SparkPeople, Calorie Counter by FatSecret and Yazio, just to name a few. Decide how you will measure or estimate portions and make yourself a meal plan. Preparation is key!
  • Reading food labels is now part of your daily routine when you go to the supermarket. It contains a lot of useful information for calorie counting. Always check the portion size recommended on the package.
  • As calorie counting doesn’t say anything about the quality of the food you take in, start getting rid of the junk food you have at home. Removing the temptation to grab a bag of Cheetos will help you make healthier choices, thus helping you achieve your targets.
  • Another tip is for you to aim for a slow and steady weight loss. We all want to lose weight fast, to fit into that top you bought one size smaller by accident, or simply to look better with a good posture, but you mustn’t rush into losing weight, as you’ll get stressed out and put pressure on yourself. Don’t cut calories too low, as you will feel bad and be less likely to stick to your plan.
  • Aside from tracking the food you eat, it’s vital that you don’t neglect exercise. To be successful at achieving your target is with both diet and exercise. Make sure that you eat enough to still have energy to exercise.

This identifies patterns in your eating that might explain things you’ve been questioning yourself when you see little to no progress in getting into shape, or why you’re feeling groggy or just unhappy with how you feel inside.

It is really your choice on how you’d like to manage your food intake. Everyone wants to be healthy and in order to do that, they have their different ways to achieve it. This calorie-counting trend has been around for ages, and it’s great if you’d like to give it a try. The important thing that we all must remember is that we need to feel positive about our body, be it physically or mentally; although its important to be healthy, but we need to be balanced and that’s all that matters!