Why do we deny our sensitivity? That is the question I’d like to start by asking our Muslyfe readers the moment you clicked on this article. Have you ever realized that our culture often finds it culturally inappropriate to experience or express our sensitivity? We often forget that the most beautiful characteristic of Islam is that it teaches us modesty, not just in our clothes, but also in our manners. This can be seen in terms of speech, which I believe is the prominent feature in Islam.

Take a break and try to reflect on this: what image do you see when the word “power” comes knocking in your head? Do you see bulky build or the ability to lift 10, 000 men? Or do you see a King that orders command as he desires at any time he chooses?

Do you see Popeye or Thor like figure, or do you see a strong Pocahontas? If you ask me, I see both.

I do appreciate and respect how this society has become more empowered, though there is a place where it seeps physical strengh, seen as a necessity. However, it is also equally essential for us to get familiar with the power of our softer side. This is seen as especially important for us Muslims because Allah SWT has made it pretty clear that He does not condone aggression in any shape or form.

Have you ever asked yourself, how could softness be associated with being powerful? Let me first ask you, where do you seek asylum whenever you feel like you are drowning above water? Where do you go? What do you do? Have you ever wondered why the sound of waves crashing to the rocks can be so calming, and why the calming sound of seas or river calms you? Why is it that when you look upon the sky and stargazed you felt so small yet so at ease?

Truth be told, to me at least, by embracing your softer side can mean that you are welcoming and accepting the fact that you are sensitive. Being sensitive does not necessarily mean you are weak. Majority of us would question or more accurately would judge if a man was found shedding tears.

I have noticed that every one of us is guilty of the fact that we all tend to put aside our sensitivity. Admit it, we often link being sensitive with being too weak.

“Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be the sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it.” – Brigette Nicole

Has anyone ever told you softness is your new strength? I admit, when I was young, I thought anger and aggressiveness meant strength. I grew up being exposed to my father being so strict to a point he once broke a plate just because we gave him a delayed response. So I honestly thought, the louder, the tougher; more powerful.

“Showing your emotions is a sign of strength”. Brigitte Nicole

Even now with my profession as a teacher, I often find myself exploding over unnecessary situations. When I’m exposed to a younger generation who nags and whines every single time they lay their eyes on me, which has led my patience to run more and more thin. I realized I had always carried my anger on my sleeves. I get so angry at myself for being so easily affected. Why do I do that?

I honestly thought I could use my anger as an armour to protect myself against whomever or whatever I felt wronged me in any way. But instead, it only hurt me further.

Have you ever realized that life itself likes to challenge us? Mean words, tough relationships, poor jobs are being thrown at us at all the angles in life. Due to all of these, we tend to harden up. We toughen ourselves up because that’s what we were told to do growing up. Maybe not from our parents, but from our peers, from movies. “Grow a pair”, they said, so we did. But we’re wrong, we need to fight to be softer.

After surviving for 25 years in this world, I learn that we need to give ourselves encouragement instead of judgments and self-doubt. Pour more praise instead of criticisms, softness instead of hardness. Sensitive people more often than not tend to be more reflective. Hence why it will be more engaging in reflecting practices such as journaling and with that it allows ourselves to unconsciously “take a break” and recharge. With this, we become more aware of our situation. Take your time and think, have you found any ways that might have helped you in accepting your softer side? Let us know!