For someone who is always on the road – be it running errands, having meet-ups with family or friends, attending events or simply out and about, it is always important to feel comfortable and content while driving your way from one destination to another. Myself – would only start my journey when I am all assured that I have got everything that I need in my car.

Top 7 essentials 

1. Tissues
This has got to be in my number one list! While driving or just being a passenger, especially if I’m on a long drive, both dry and wet tissue are an essential! I could give you a long list why tissues is absolutely necessary in my car, but let’s just keep this short and simple, shall we? One of the two main things why we need it is for all the time we need to make a pit stop to every public toilet there is on the road (trust me, you can never not need tissues) and for those every 15 minutes where we snack our self to the destination. Need to wipe of those nasty but tasty finger stains off those fingers!


2. Sunglasses 
You don’t want to squint all the way to your destination would you? or having to lift you head so high you would strain your neck (if you’re mini size like me) just to cover your eyes with that front mirror! It also helps to protect your eyes from UV rays. Remember, not only are skin important and sensitive to the sunlight, but your eyes can be too!


3. Telekung (Prayer veil)
This is just as important as having tissues in your car. I can just stop by the nearest mosque and perform my prayer using my own telekung. Although most Mosques usually provide them but I am more comfortable with using my own.

Personally, I feel protected having my telekung in my car. It reminds me that sometimes I should hold on to my responsibilities in this world and bow my head to Him wherever I go. Or, if you feel sad out of no where (it happens to most women!) or at unease, you can just pick up your telekung and pray to Him.


4. Abaya
When I’m out and about doing my errands and knowing that I have to attend a more conservative functions later that day, having a abaya is definitely a life saviour. It is undoubtedly awkward having to show up in events wearing just t-shirts and jeans!

So, I’ve decided to always without fail store atleast one abaya in my car, ready to wear! This applied to days where you have a bad day too, like spilling your drinks to your clothes or ripping your jeans off. You know you are safe with that abaya in your trunk ready to be slipped in. But ladies, I advise for you to store a darker colour abaya in your car so it can be matched up with any colour of your headscarf that day.


5. Phone cable
My phone cable has saved me millions of times. I am sure everyone has had that day when you woke up late for something important and your phone battery is at 5%, eagerly waiting to die on you, or those time, when your car starts to break down and only to call someone to say “hi, I need..” and shut down on you. What are the odds right? Have a spare cable in your car and also powerbank and you will never fear of this happening to you.


6. Cat and dog food

I more than often starting to see more stray cats and dogs on the road these days, and it breaks my heart to know and see them in such situation where they would go by the day not eating anything. The very least I could do is to always make sure to put small containers of cat and dog food in my storage trunk, so whenever I see them and am able to stop on the road, I would feed them. Plus, it’s a good time to stretch those legs!


7. Spare shoes!

I am that kind of person where you can simply find anything in my car and having an extra footwear is definitely one you could find in my treasure. A platform sandal and a running shoes are two necessities a woman should have in her car. For days we just couldn’t bare using heels any longer but still want that high heels posture right, fret no ladies! Throw that heels in the car and pick up that platform sandals! Or for those unexpected days, you just want to feel comfortable and warm, or need to get some exercise going, then you know where to head to. No, not to the shopping mall, but your car!

That’s the end of it today! I hope this can give you some ideas on what essentials you might need in your car. I am pretty sure all drivers out there have different things in their car that they feel like they can’t drive without. What are yours?