Inspiration is something I lack, as an unemployed 20-something living in this day and age. I wake up in the mornings typically to a feeling of numbness. I crawl groggily out of bed and into the shower. I gulp in two glasses of water, stretch my body into limberness, make myself a hot cup of coffee and shift slowly into a state of contemplation—What am I doing with my life? Why do I not feel an ounce of inspiration, not even the slightest grain of drive to keep me going?

open your eyes and your mind to allow yourself to become inspired by the little things

Looking out the window, I take a sip of the café-au-lait. I see my neighbours’ cars parked along their front yard: Red, grey and black pieces of metal gleaming under the 9 o’clock sunlight. That’s all cars are, really, conveniently-shaped metal on moving rubber tyres. I begin to consider how useful cars are, and appreciate how the human mind was even able to conjure such a practical and accessible method of transportation. This realization inspires me.

I take another mouthful of coffee, swishing it around my tongue and savouring its strong bitter taste. I suddenly remember how coffee was first discovered around the 15th Century in Yemen, and begin to appreciate the fact that, even in 2017, coffee is still available for coffee-addicts like me to enjoy in the mornings. I laugh at the thought of how it is now considered a co-ingredient for ice-blended drinkable treats– Coffee has gone a long way. I take another sip. I become aware of how the human mind was able to evolve coffee from being a mere drink to become the basis for many different global franchises: The human truly is clever. It inspires me.

I walk up to my bedroom, sit on my bed and rummage through my make-up bag. I cover my face with cold liquid foundation and kept it in place with setting powder. I drew in my eyebrows with as much precision as my unprofessional hands could muster and marvel at the end product in my mirror. I know nothing about the history of make-up and how it has become what it is now but I do know, however, that intensive research and exploration into the world of cosmetics have been done to create what is now a global phenomenon— Packaged in little pots, small pans of glitter and blush, coloured liquids formulated to become matte on the lips— I’ve always found it wonderful how the beauty of the human face is able to be enhanced with a swish of a brush, the sweep of a lipstick, the strategic shading of the visage. Make-up is surely an art form. The thought inspires me.

I write down the stream of consciousness that is my thoughts and admire the end product. I realize that, all this time, the mistake that I have made is dismissing the little obvious objects and occurrences. I looked too far for inspiration when it is scattered everywhere right in front of my eyes in my everyday life; In my neighbours’ cars, in my everyday coffee, in something as routine as my make-up. I begin writing again, and I rediscover beauty and meaningfulness.

All it takes to revive your drive is to open your eyes and your mind to allow yourself to become inspired by the little things.