When we are in a different country, or a different continent for travel, whether it is for work or leisure, you may want to explore all the food that’s out there, and you probably want to try something else that’s not part of the hotel’s breakfast set. As Muslims, one of our greatest fears while traveling is not being able to find Halal food in a particular destination. We tend to stock up on our instant noodles, instant porridge and the like. Muslim-friendly and Halal facilities should not be as complicated as one would think. Here is a guide to Halal eating and some of the best places where travelers can find Halal certified restaurants.

Yana Restaurant, Bangkok

Yana Restaurant is a Thai and International Halal Food at MBK Centre in Bangkok. The dishes there are delicious and have high quality ingredients. Every time I go to Bangkok, not that I always go there, I would always go to Yana Restaurant whenever I’m in the area. The food is extremely good, served hot and also quick!

Aminah Arif Restaurant, Brunei

Have you ever heard of Ambuyat’? It is national and signature dish of Brunei, derived from the interior trunk of the sago palm, known as ‘ambulung’. Aminah Arif Restaurant is one of the most popular places everyone would go to get their ambuyat cravings fixed, available at different locations across the country. Served with the condiments such as meat, fish and vegetable dishes, along with the most common sauces, called ‘tempoyak‘ or ‘binjai‘.

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju, Malaysia

If you like to eat on Banana Leaf, you must try Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the most popular banana leaf rice restaurants in the Bangsar area. The banana leaf rice comes with three types of vegetables, your choice of curry, pickle, salted chilli. The curry has a spicy kick to it, which is very tasty. Before, I was never a fan of the vegetable bitter gourd because well, because of the bitter taste, but after I ate the one from this restaurant, it made want more of it. They deep fry the bitter gourd and has some spices to it. If you happen to walk past the restaurant at around noon or in the evening, chances are, you would have seen a long queue. They are open until 1.30 AM and in my opinion, even if you’re in a queue, it is worth the wait.

Tambuah Mas, Singapore

With two outlets, located at Paragon Mall and Tanglin Shopping Centre, Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant is a chain of Indonesian restaurant, offering classic Indonesian fare in a clean, air-conditioned environment. Founded in 1981, Tambuah Mas is considered as an Indonesian restaurant with longest history in catering the best Indonesian foods for locals and tourists.

Alasya Restaurant, Melbourne

Located at Sydney Road in Melbourne, Australia. This is a perennial, family-owned halal Turkish restaurant with simple decor, for kofta, meze and homemade bread. The smell of freshly grilled beef still sticks on my mind and washing it down with some Turkish tea was the cherry on top. I have tried the grilled food and if you ask me, it tasted so good! I tried it three years ago and I can still remember how tasty it was. If I ever get the chance to go to Melbourne again, I would love to head to that restaurant.

The Halal Guys, New York

Photo : Huffington Post

The Halal Guys are a world-renowned international chain of restaurants. The Halal Guys started at one street cart but since 1990, they have now transformed into an international food chain. Their famous falafel and secret garlic sauce have made its way around social media making them a world wide sensation!If you like it spicy, get the red sauce. This food-truck is everyone’s go to spot for lunch, so expect some crazy long queues!

Mamak, Sydney

Photo : News Limited

Mamak is a well-known Malaysian restaurant that serves many kinds of Halal food, such as satay, noodles, rice dishes and desserts like sweet food and sweet drinks. You will always see a long line of people just waiting for their turn to get into the restaurant. If you are a student or have been in Sydney for a while and suddenly crave Malay food, this is the place to go to. They close late, and I can guarantee that the food tastes great, up to one’s expectations!

Barmuda Cafe, Sydney

This might not officially be a certified Halal restaurant, but the menu is mostly vegetarian and they serve great coffee! I had the grilled asparagus, which was served on sourdough bread with Eggs Benedict and rocket leaves. If you’re into chocolate and coffee, I suggest you try the Belgian Hot Mocha. It’s so good, it left me with a chocolate moustache!  After enjoying your meal, you could take a nice walk around the area and you will find a number of bookstores and clothing stores where you can get yourself lost in.