Have you ever heard of the term “bucket list”? The list that someone makes; filled with goals that they want to achieve, dreams to be fulfilled and life experiences, all you wish to be done before you die. Get married by 30, travel to all of the ASEAN countries before turning 27, visit the Maldives, go bungee-jumping, mountain biking, etc. It’s like planning the highlights of your life, which is fun to plan AND picture! We are among the wanderlusts, the ones that want to travel the world, with our savings from yesteryears. We all have those days when we think, “I need a vacation”.

I’ve made a list of peaceful countries that you might need to consider of visiting, for leisure, to go with families, friends, or even, by yourself. However, do bear in mind that although they are known as peaceful countries, we still ought to be careful when we go anywhere.


Australia, well, Melbourne to be exact, has been voted to be the most livable city for seven consecutive years. Walking around Melbourne’s central business area, you will notice the architecture, with Victoria-era buildings at almost every step of the way. You’ll also see street art on the laneways, everything is just so picturesque. The beaches are clean and you get to meet the friendly people with an amazing sense of humour.


With its low crime rate, the country boasts its vibrant history, urban areas that are safe, metered taxis, friendly and welcoming people, great food and amazing ornamental landscapes. The Lion City has always been a popular tourist destination, and is now becoming the place where people want to live!

New Zealand

A country full of natural beauty, divine scenery and quirky natives. Visitors from all around the world come to New Zealand to experience the rugged landscape, breathtaking alpine glaciers, fantastic beaches and geothermal and volcanic activity. Take your camera with you as you would probably want to save those memories. Make it into your desktop wallpaper while you’re at it! The views there are definitely magnificent.


When we hear ‘Japan’, I’d immediately think of its culture and cleanliness. Culturally, Japan is one of the most enchanting countries. Cherry blossoms, temples and shrines, safe streets, and culture. From an early age, they are strictly taught on how to properly do things specially when they are in a public space. What is considered rude, bothersome and such. A lot of other countries doesn’t have a mindset of that. For the Japanese, learning starts from an early age. The breathtakingly beautiful country is definitely worth a visit.


Known to have one of the best standards of living in the world, Canada is also one of the most peaceful countries on earth. With clean and safest cities, spectacular sceneries and extremely friendly people, you would definitely want to visit. The beautiful untouched lakes and rivers, access to three oceans and are one of the number of places on earth where you can ski and surf at the same time.

Is any of the above in your bucket list?