Here at Muslyfe, we are fans of not just children but also of a top-notch quality of life, where laughter and happiness are all-around! A while back, we expounded on the reasons why living with two-year olds offer a lot of moments that result in hilarity and a lot of merriment. Today, in celebration of our love for kids and the light they bring into our lives, we have curated another list (aside from this one) of five more reasons why two-year-olds are hilarious, based on my experiences living with my two-year-old sister.

1. They add additional sounds to some words

‘Coffee’ turns into ‘kos-pee’, ‘oven’ turns into ‘om-ven’- My little sister adds the most unnecessary sounds to the simplest of words. At first it will bring about a lot of confusion, i.e. “What in the world is this little one talking about?” but when it ensues over time, I begin to realize that kos-pee is the hot liquid that I have in my mug with me every morning when we have breakfast together. Upon the realization of this adorable phenomenon where my two-year-old sister adds extra consonants to random words, I just cannot help but laugh for it is one of the most adorable things I have ever encountered, ever.

Did You Know: There is a special word to describe this delightful spectacle; It is called epenthesis. In this case, where my sister adds in an extra consonant in the middle of words, it is called the excrescence epenthesis.

2. They make certain words sound completely different

Two-year-olds’ word-transfiguration abilities don’t just end with epenthesis, for they go as far as transforming the way some phrases or words sound altogether. I had a hard time deciphering what she meant when she asked me to, “[W]an-de-wan with me,” which caused nothing but frustration on her part for how dare I not understand the gibberish she says, right?

Apparently, ‘wan-de-wan’ translates into, “Ring around,” the first two words of Ring Around The Roses. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing upon finally understanding what she has been trying to say to me all this time, because it is just so overwhelmingly adorable how she is still unable to pronounce certain consonants, resulting in a complete change of how some words sound.

3. They can be absolute drama queens

When the time arrives where things do not go her way, my little sister takes on her dreaded (but cute all the same) alter-ego- The Little Drama Queen.

She becomes affected by the littlest of things when she’s in one of her mood swings, and she reacts in such a way where I and everyone else in the family just cannot help but sigh and playfully scold her for being such a drama queen. She would suddenly turn quiet and drop down to her knees, all while looking to the floor with the heaviest of sighs. She would also just suddenly fall dramatically onto the floor, as if me telling her that whatever inappropriate action she did was “not nice” broke her heart into a million pieces. Imagine the stereotypical angsty teenager but in the body of a two-year-old; Does that not invite laughter? It truly is a funny sight.

Pro-Tip: When you want to calm your two-year-old, keep in mind that raising your voice will only make things worse for she will start bawling and uncontrollably sobbing. One way to get your two-year-old to relax when she turns into a drama queen is to maintain calmness and offer affection. Take her into your arms lovingly, tell her that there is absolutely nothing to be worked up about and also explain kindly and thoroughly to her why you reprimanded her in the first place.

4. They feel the need to announce everything

Be it going to the toilet, getting some water to drink from the kitchen or even when going through the pages of her favourite book- She will always announce the actions she plans to take so that everyone in the house would know. It’s not that it’s a bad thing to do. In fact, we actually applaud her for always letting us know of the things she gets up to. It’s just one of the ways in which she puts smiles on our faces.

When I said everything, I mean everything, and this includes her announcing every ‘fainting’ fit she has whenever she goes through her stated Drama Queen phases. She would declare, with a cutesy voice oozing with theatrics and emotions fit for an actor on a stage production, “I’m fainting,” then she would drop to the floor, eyes closed and all. How does one not laugh at that?

5. The Imitation Game: Exclamations!

The act of imitation on her part itself tickles my funny bone, but it goes to a whole another level of hilarity when she copies the exclamations that I say from time to time.

Imagine this; A little two-year-old girl carrying around a toy tray filled with a toy tea set but alas, she took a wrong step as she walks which results in her toy tea set falling off her tray and onto the floor. She would then exclaim, “Oh my word!” like the fifty-year-old soul that she is, inviting inevitable laughter from my part. Her other go-to phrases include, “Oh my goodness,” and “Oh my gosh”.

Pro-Tip: Knowing that the children we live with are able to absorb the exclamations and phrases we say so easily, we have to always be mindful of the words that come out of our mouths. It’s a good exercise to keep us away from saying inappropriate things, or things we don’t mean.