I lost my grandparents from my mother’s side when I was little, and my grandfather from my father’s side when I was in my late teens. So now, I only have my grandmother whom I pray is always taken care of and protected in this world. When we don’t live with our grandparents, it should become a habit to visit and spend time with them regularly. Time is scarce, and that makes it even more crucial to spend moments of our lives with them. Spending your time with your grandparents is worth every single minute.

1. Grandparents Provide Comfort and Support

Our grandparents love us unconditionally, it is in their nature to do so. We are, after all, their child’s children. A child they raised and gave birth to. We may remind them as their own children, and when we meet the difficulties that life has to offer, we can seek comfort from knowing that they are there when we need them. With decades of life of experience up in their sleeves, they can give us the best advice, even sometimes our parents can’t! Sometimes.

2. Grandparents Teach Us Valuable Life Skills

Whether it’s how to cook their famous dishes that have been passed on from generations, sewing or fixing a door, grandparents may have skills that we, or our parents, do not have. Spending time with our grandparents gives us the chance to pick up these valuable skills. They might even have secret hacks in doing them which we can’t look up online!

3. Grandparents Help Us Learn More About Our Parents

Our grandparents are the ones that raised our own parents, so they can help us, the grandchildren, see our parents in a different light through the stories they tell. I always enjoy it when my grandparents tell me about my parents. We, as the grandchildren, can talk to them about our stories and in return, we get to know so many stories of our parents which they would never tell us about. I actually enjoy knowing the stories of my parents in their younger days. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that they were young once too, with interesting habits that sometimes make us realize “Wow, I’m just like my father!”.

4. Grandparents Tell Us Exciting Stories About Way Back When

Grandparents have their minds filled with knowledge and experience. They share with us about their lifetime and what they have lived through, either during their childhood or young adult years. Some of our grandparents may even be part of important historical events that we never knew about. I remember visiting my grandparents and they uncovered boxes of things from the past, one of them was the old identity card and the old passport. I am the kind of person who has a lot of interest in seeing these type of treasures. Whenever I visited my grandparents, I would always love going into the library where all the photo albums and books are kept. It would always brighten up my grandparent’s faces as they tell me some of the stories, any that they can remember. It makes me hope that someday I get to tell all my stories to my grandchildren as well.

5. We Bring Happiness To Our Grandparents

As grandchildren, it is our duty to take care and appreciate the elders in our family. We have the ability to bring happiness to their home and give comfort to them knowing that they are not alone. Stop and picture yourself for a second, being old and your children have their own families and living elsewhere. It would feel lonely and boring if it’s just you, doing the same thing every single day. My grandparents would always be happy to see us come by and visit, and would walk us out the door, even when we tell them that they don’t have to go outside. I remember as a child, as we got in the car, their smiling faces would look at us leave and wave at us happily. Little did I know that they were probably sad seeing us leave. The time we have on this earth is short, but the time we have with our grandparents is even shorter. Time spent with them will not be regretted.