Well, its almost the end of the year, and usually by this time, people are taking breaks and going on leave to spend time with their family and loved ones. If your whole family is at home, and you want to spend quality time with them but you dont know what to do, well then…just read on because I might just have the thing for you! 

1) Movie Night In

What better way to spend quality time than to cuddle up with your family and enjoy a movie together over a bowl of sweet, microwaved (store-bought is fine too!) popcorn? If everyone has a different taste in films, to make it fair, the whole family can contribute a genre and do a draw! If this doesn’t work out, you can always take turn- watch romance tonight, fantasy for the next movie night in and then horror for the next one. This way you get to spend more time together and watch the movies that everyone wants to watch! Problem solved!

2) Board Games day

For a family of board games enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Spending a day playing board games is another way to wind down and just laze around the house. You can have a mini competition amongst yourselves and have presents ready for the winning team. You can even invite your neighbours or close relatives for a much bigger board game session! From Monopoly to Twister to Cards Against Humanity- a board games day is sure to be filled with endless fun, laughter and unexpected competitive streaks! 

3) Backyard Barbecue

Who doesn’t love the smoky taste of meat as it glistens on your plate with its saucy goodness? Having a barbecue is a surefire way of spending time with the whole family and sharing a hearty meal together. Your father can have the grilling duty, and you can set the table or help your mother out with the rest of the food in the kitchen…it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you get to spend time your family!

4) Slumber Party

This one’s for the girls in the family, especially the sisters! Show some sisterly love with a fun-filled slumber party in your house. You can even toast marshmallows and make s’mores, or paint each other’s nails, play with make-up (with adult supervision, if needed) and laze around on the mattress eating a tub of ice-cream in your pjs. 

5) Cook-Off

You can have a fun cook-off session with your parents, or just spend the entire afternoon with them baking the fudgiest brownies or the most chocolatey cookies you will ever taste! A cook-off would be a nice way to kill time with your entire family, especially if you have a lot of siblings, you can divide yourselves into groups and let your parents be the judge of the ultimate winning dish!