… And everything nice: These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little Croissant. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction–Chemical X. Thus, a Pastry shop was founded with ultra-super-dishes – Croissant, Crepe Cakes, and Coffee have dedicated their lives to fighting starvation and the forces of craving.

Glad that caught your attention. This post is especially for Muslyfe’s Bruneian readers who have run out of cafes to rendezvous for breakfast on weekends. This post serves to ban the usage of that statement a little while longer.

In the quaint metropolitan Kampong that is Gadong, there is a new cafe just around the corner of Menglait Avenue. It is located in the heart of the Big Le Apple.



The cafe is average sized, it can accommodate up to 24 customers (seated). It has a modern and clean interior, with an open kitchen concept – where you can see the chefs doing their thang, stare them down and make them feel the pressure of having the customers wait. I’d like to highlight the fact that they have an egg-cellent ventilation system, considering that I left the cafe without a hint of smoky stench on my clothes.


How good is this cafe? Good enough for me to visit for two consecutive weekends.They have a special weekend menu consisting of three scrumptious choices: Big Breakfast (BND$11.90) – hash brown, baked beans beef rashers, chicken sausage, baguette, eggs, etc.,Mushroom Omelette (BND$7.50)Self-explanatory, with a side of salad, Egg Croissant (BND$5.90)Self-explanatory, more details below.


They offer a wide range of cakes to suit varying tastebuds. During my two visits, I’ve had the pleasure of trying the Vanilla Crepe Cake and the Nutella Crepe Cake. Both were flavorful but didn’t quite tickle my fancy.


Nutella Crepe Cake (BND$4.50) – This was average. The Crepe layers weren’t intact, they fell apart when I tried to cut myself a small piece. I think it was just the case that it was not chilled to the right temperature, and that the crepe layers weren’t thin and soft enough. Read about my Crepe-y situation here.


Egg Croissant (BND$5.90) – This is the dish I will forever associate Flour & Butter to. It must be their signature dish because I’ve never had anything quite like it. The croissant was light and fluffy – cut right in the middle like a pouch where the scrambled eggs sits in. The scrambled eggs was dressed in mayonnaise, seasoned with black pepper, freshly chopped red onions and sauteed garlic. It was then sprinkled with cheddar cheese and baked in the oven to melt – topped off with herbs for aesthetics. This tasted as eggs-traordinary as it looked.

Although I am convinced this was just a hiccup.. After I was done with my feast, my drink finally made an appearance. It would’ve been delightful had it not been latte. Not Croiss, though – the eggs croissant definitely compensated.

Both eggs-periences were pleasant, nevertheless. Will I give Flour & Butter the pleasure of a third visit? Yes for the egg croissant, Yes for the laid-back ambience and Yes for another egg-ceptional dine-in experience.