“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Flowers have a very short life, but they are capable of displaying a presentation of messages and emotions. Some people don’t think too much about whether flowers hold any meaning, and it’s enough for them to just value the aesthetic beauty. Yet, there are those that do take the time to appreciate the underlying intention of a bouquet of flowers. This becomes a little tricky because we normally don’t want to send such a misleading message to a person.

Roses and carnations are generally anybody’s go-to gifts for their friends, family, or significant other. It’s a straightforward transaction because if you’re in a rush, florists have prearranged flowers ready to go. However, there may be moments in your life where you want to add a personal touch to the flowers you give to someone.

The next time you’re thinking of giving someone flowers, don’t be afraid to shake it up a little and handpick some of these choices:


This flower is native to South Africa where it thrives in dry and hot conditions. With its striking patterns and brilliant warm colours, it’s no wonder why the beautiful gazania appeals to many. It is also known as the treasure flower, a fitting name as the meaning for this particular flower is richness and wealth.


In the Hawaiian culture, the flower symbolises positivity and is commonly used in leis to celebrate special occasions. In Laos, the plumeria tree is deemed to be so sacred that they are planted outside every temple. The flower is also known as the frangipani and it gives off such a powerful fragrance that gets stronger at night. Plumerias symbolise immortality and new beginnings.


A magnificent flower with a beautiful meaning, the lotus thrives in river beds and ponds. As it emerges from the murky waters, it is simply a breathtaking view as the flower cleanly juxtaposes the darkness of the pond. Because of this, the lotus flower is commonly associated with purity and beauty. The lotus is also commonly used in Chinese poetry and art, representing femininity and purity.


Literally looking like the sun, the sunflower can lift anyone’s spirits up. It is bright, full of warmth and so cheery. It is a stunningly beautiful flower rich in history and delightful meanings. The sunflower most commonly means adoration, happiness and longevity.

Cherry Blossom

Native to Asia, it is more widely known as sakura. Nowhere in the world are these flowers more cherished than in Japan. The history and meaning of cherry blossoms is rooted deeply in Japanese culture and they’re not being valued for just the pretty pinks of the flower, but the incredible symbolism of fragility of life and rebirth.


The magnolia is a strong flower, despite the subtle colours. Magnolias are thought to be one of the first flowers to bloom on Earth. These flowers have found a way to survive for over 100 million years and this gives the meaning of what magnolias represent: stability, grace and beauty.

If there is someone out there that is special to you, don’t be afraid to show them what they mean to you with these flowers!