It was a cold Easter night in London circa April when my life took a huge leap. It happened at a quiet street in Piccadilly Circus. Parties involved were: a bento box, a dominant (gastronomist friend) and a submissive (moi).

What is this personal phenomenon I speak of? Two words: Foie Gras. We had the Foie Gras Bento Box which was just plain Japanese white rice topped with Foie Gras Teriyaki on a bed of shiitake mushroom. “Cut it into small pieces, stick it in, push it to the roof of your mouth and experience heaven.” said gastronomist friend. Skepticism dawned on me – is that really necessary? – Alas, I did as I was told. A moment on the lips, a lifetime in the palate. The moment I pushed the lump of fat to the roof of my mouth, my taste buds felt disoriented, intrigued and dare I say.. Infatuated. Foie Gras had become an acquired taste. Long story short, Foie Gras ranks second after Truffle on my list of favourite things to eat ever since.

During my most recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I was adamant to dine in at Skillet @ 163 after having read excellent reviews on TripAdvisor where it is ranked third out of 3279 restaurants. It is located at Fraser Place just a few minutes drive away from Suria KLCC. I had an early start to my day and was rather famished when it came to lunchtime (let’s ignore the fact that I intended on starving myself after breakfast just so I could enjoy my anticipated meal at Fraser Place). Little did I know that I was going to be acquainted with Foie Gras again.

Their lunch menu was merely a page long – which is good for the indecisive person that I am. As I was skimming through the menu, my heart had a moment of premature ventricular contraction (i.e. it skipped a beat). There it was..

Skillet Beef Burger (RM58) - in-house grind Aussie beef patty topped with beef bacon, cheddar cheese, balsamic onion toppings and garlic aioli.
Skillet Beef Burger (RM58) add on foie gras (RM28) – in-house grind Aussie beef patty topped with beef bacon, cheddar cheese, balsamic onion toppings and garlic aioli.

It was a no-brainer, I hastily placed my order (despite my lack of inclination towards burgers, I did it anyway).

The meal came with a side of chips and salad. The burger was humongous, good for two when you’re not really hungry. It was definitely good for one in my case. It was one of the juiciest beef patty I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. The buns were charred to perfection and the Foie Gras as fatty and succulent as ever. Lets just say the perfect meal was short-lived, it didn’t sit for very long on the hipster plate.

The place had a modern interior, boasting a high ceiling. It’s described as an unconventional fine dining restaurant with a laid-back environment. True to this description, I undoubtedly had a great experience with the food, it was cooked to perfection with the highest quality ingredients. Definitely not one of those intimidating restaurants with a strict dress-code. What’s more? The staff were really accommodating AND the restaurant serves Halal meat only with no pork served on the premises (plus points!!!).

The only bad thing I got out of this experience was this feeling of regret – for not dining in during Dinner time when they have a variety of unconventional dishes like Chicken Otak-Otak Mille Feuille (Otak-Otak being an Indonesian dish which is a grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices, Mille Feuille being a french pastry). What a gastronomic experience it could’ve been!

It’s a restaurant worth visiting if you ever plan on visiting Kuala Lumpur. I will come back again – for dinner, next time!


Hafizah Sufian was a freelance writer for Muslyfe.

SOURCEHafizah Sufian
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