Who doesn’t love some Do-It-Yourself projects from time to time? They keep our minds going and they give us the creative freedom to design certain objects however way we want. Here at Muslyfe, we love DIY projects which is why we have curated a list of four objects you can use to make your own make-up storage!

1. Glass Jars

DIY Make-up

You can get glass jars from practically anywhere: Craft stores, department stores or even from salsa sauces! Glass jars make it easier for the make-up lover to store cosmetic goods, especially make-up brushes.

Get some decorative stones/marbles from your favourite craft store, fill them into the jar halfway and you are practically done- You now have made yourself a place where you can make your make-up brushes stand whilst looking organized and cute at the same time. Decorate your glass jar to your liking; glitter, stickers or none. Let your creativity go crazy!

2. Cardbox Boxes

Cardboard boxes offer an easy way for the make-up lover to store her small eyeshadow pallettes, lipsticks or any sort of cosmetics that are contained in little pots or small pallettes.

To make a cardboard box make-up organizer, get yourself the essential: A cardboard box. Decorate it any way you desire, then create partitions within the box itself with smaller cardboard pieces and some hot glue. You now have easy access to all your little make-up tidbits and trinkets!

3. Trays

Trays do not only serve drinks or as pictured, a place to display books, but they can be used to add some accent to your bedroom whilst at the same time being a place for the beauty lover to place her make-up- Primer, foundation, perfumes, anything contained in a bottle that can stand- for display. Decorate your tray accordingly to suit your respective tastes, and you are good to go!

4. Ice trays

(PHOTO: Pinterest)

Who would’ve thought ice trays could serve a purpose other than making ice? Place a number of ice trays in your drawer- fit all of them in and there you have it: Small compartments to store more of your cosmetic tidbits and trinkets!