Sometimes, there are days where things don’t seem to go right, and it happens to the best of us. You’ve overslept and now you’re late for an important meeting, but your car decides it’s a great time to break down and keel over, or you’ve belatedly realised you forgot to fill in the tank when you last drove. For those of us with family, perhaps your usually well-behaved toddler has deemed it fit to begin the morning with a wailing tantrum for once, and is currently protesting against the idea of clothing, school, and generally any form of peace. At times, there are tiny, nondescript moments that inexplicably just set us off and we’re left with clenched fists and a sour mood for the rest of the day.

frustating thingsIt’s easy to forget how blessed we are when life seems determined to prove us otherwise. There are days when I wake up and immediately refuse to face the day without running through my plans and thinking of all the possible ways they could go wrong and worrying about avoiding those hurdles, as if stressing about them was going to give me more control-over something I haven’t even encountered yet. However, sometimes, the frustrating things we may face can give light to just how good we really have it.

1. The crumbs under our table. It’s a pain to clear them up; you berate yourself over your childish tendency to spill your food and forget that you’ve just eaten a meal and can still afford to leave crumbs behind.

2. The mess in our living room. There’s a lot of sighing going on as you pick up the pieces of the aftermath of an afternoon spent indoors with loved ones, and complaints about the mess easily slip out when you’ve just spent three hours laughing as you play Monopoly Deal together.

3. That annoying alarm at dawn. Even as you mentally curse the sun rays peeking through your blinds with your phone blaring your alarm, you still get up anyway, because there are things to be done and battles to be conquered. You have a job, an education, a purpose to defer to that alarm in the first place.

4. Having your mum nag at you. Or anyone nag at you, really. Whether through texts, calls, or even in the same house, listening to your mother nagging may not be your idea of fun. But she won’t be wasting her breath telling you to clean up after yourself if she didn’t care about you.

5. Your phone or laptop battery dying. One of the worst things to happen, especially when you don’t have a charger or a power bank handy. But it’ll also give you a break from staring at your screen all day long and you’ll soon realise that sometimes, it’s okay to take in a view of the sunset with our eyes and minds instead of instantly saving that memory to our phones.

So the next time something not too great happens and you’re tempted to just sulk and wallow in some self-pity, take a deep breath, step back, and look at the situation through a different perspective. You’ll never know what you could learn; even from stubbing your toe against the laundry machine.

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