Fabulous, modest and empowering; how much better can you get?

Well, if it’s HIJUP we’re talking about, then the answer is “much, much more!”

First established in 2011, Muslim women all around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief knowing that their fashion worries were over. As a pioneering Islamic fashion e-commerce platform selling everything from modest clothing, praying sets, to shoes and accessories, it’s no wonder that HIJUP has surmounted expectations with the amount of sisterly support that it has garnered.

But what exactly makes a highly successful online mall like HIJUP tick?

With the pure intention of making Muslimahs fabulous, the team behind it also strives to empower hijab wearers while making them feel beautiful, proud and free to achieve all the great things they set out to do. The woman who shops at HIJUP is someone who is independent yet respectable and refined, unconstrained from achieving her own personal goals.

Embodying these brilliant set of values, HIJUP will be organizing their very own Ramadhan Festival from June 9th to June 10th at The Hall, Senayan City. With over seventy booths exhibiting coveted items from a wide array of brands, designers and even bloggers, the event will be teeming with hijabis looking to up their fashion game.

Besides that, just as HIJUP is not your usual e-commerce site, the Ramadan Festival is more than just an exhibition of pretty things.

As a celebration of the Holy Month, celebrities, influencers and prominent speakers from different Muslim communities will all be gracing the event in the hopes of sharing a better understanding of what it means to be a Muslim during Ramadan. Be there for a chance to break your fast and perform your Tarawih prayers with likeminded Muslimahs while listening to the articulate teachings of Islam from eminent Ustadzahs.

To add to it, by paying the entrance fee of Rp 10.000,-, HIJUP will help you do your good deed of the day by donating the proceeds to the building of a new Rumah Quran in Karawang as part of a joint collaboration between HIJUP and Urban Syiar.

Fashion shows, Eid shopping, empowering talks and powerful teachings; seriously, what more can we ask for?

Don’t forget to add your fabulosity to the fun on the 9th and 10th of June at The Hall, Senayan City!