When you first started to wear the hijab, did you ever have that moment when you worried about your hair? Some women would worry about getting bald because their hair tends to fall, or that they get migraines. Let us think back, do we treat our hair like how it’s supposed to be treated? Our hair is always up in a bun or simply tied, because it’d be funny to wear a hijab and the hair is just out there. When the hair is always covered up, it eventually becomes dull and loses its shine with time. I am going to share some tips I hope would be useful.

1. Dry your hair first

Tying up your hair after a shower or the gym may sound tempting when you need to rush elsewhere. You would think that you don’t have time to blow-dry your hair, right? Well, you shouldn’t be wearing your hijab with wet hair. Not only will you have that big round wet mark on your scarf, but putting on a hijab on wet hair can cause strain your head and make harmful damage to your beautiful hair, making them weaker.

2. Use a hair-friendly scarf material

For both of your under caps (or more popularly known as snowcaps) and your hijab, choose a material that is not hard but is easily breathable. Materials like chiffon, jersey, viscose, and cotton work well. Also, remember to wash your under caps regularly.

3. Let your hair down

Your hair is so used to being tied up in a ponytail or in a bun. When at home, keep your hair in a loose bun or if they are short, just let it down. Give your hair a space to breathe and facilitate growth. This will help relieve the stress you feel on your head or scalp.

4. Treat your hair

Every now and then, treat your hair with some nice masks or oil. Go to the salon and have a trim and say goodbye to your split ends. This would help increase growth and make the existing hair stronger.

5. Take cold showers

Warm showers are tempting, especially when you just woke up from a good night’s sleep and your room is all cold, or if you live in a cold country, it is tempting to take a hot shower to ward off the cold, but did you know that hot hair is actually bad for your hair? Hot showers will strip off protective oils from your hair, making it dry and weaken it. With cold water, however,  it helps seal the hair’s natural moisture. Your hair deserves the healthiest shine.

6. Volume is not everything

With multiple layers on your head would make your head feel heavy. I know that some hijabis love sky-high hijabs, and it looks great, but not only is it religiously incorrect, but it is also bad for your hair, head, and neck. It puts a strain on them. Opt for normal ponytails or buns at the ‘safe’ level, or use different hijab techniques.

7. Don’t wash your hair every single day

To manage natural oils you have on your hair, it is advisable to only wash your hair once in every 2-3 days. Washing your hair too often may strip the natural oils that it needs,

8. Never ever underestimate the benefits of your hijab

The hijab is an amazing blessing for our hair, and it makes us feel spiritually connected to Allah. Besides the beautiful blessing, you also save time from doing your hair. Gone are the days for the need to straighten or curl them, our put chemicals that might harm them in the long run.