Despite how much I truly enjoy solo travelling, sometimes it’s just not a feasible situation. Perhaps the destination is too unfamiliar, or you kind of want more photos of you on vacation that aren’t tourist spots or selfies of you at tourist spots. In any case, a travel companion is one that’s definitely difficult to find, because you’ll need to be able to mesh together well enough. And over the years, I’ve traveled with various friends and family members, but none more so than my younger sister.

She’s known me all her life, and we had some adventures and greater misadventures together, but if you want to test your relationship with someone, go on vacation with them. You’ll either come out of it being closer with each other, or, well. But there’s a few prominent things that happens when you go travelling with your sister.

There’s always an unspoken deal to compromise whenever needed

As the eldest sibling, I’ve practically grown up with the concept of compromise ingrained in my relationship with all of my younger sisters, and it extends to going on trips together as well. While there’s always that unspoken burden on your shoulders to take care of your younger sister, especially when you’re away from home and you’re pretty much the adult between the two of you, travelling together as adults allows both of you to speak your mind and learn to settle things straight with little issues.

You’re less self-conscious with each other

Which eliminates the issue of sharing accommodation, clothes, even toiletries, because you’ve pretty much done it your whole lives anyway. There’s no need to be embarrassed about the ugly PJs you brought on the trip, or the way that dish didn’t agree with you earlier. There is a level of comfort that only the closest of friends might be able to achieve, and one that my sister and I have honed for over twenty years of our lives.

Sharing meals is a lot more convenient

This is especially true for my sister and I. Our appetites are similar enough that I’ll eat whatever she’d order, and when we’re a bit short on money that’s accidentally gone into shopping, it’s easy enough to agree to getting something light for the day and save up for a good dinner. On the other hand, our appetites are also just different enough that whenever she’s not able to finish her meal, I’d gladly sweep up the leftovers.

There’s a lot of reminiscing

Travelling together in your twenties is vastly different than a hectic family vacation when you’re in your early teens, and in a big family, sometimes the noise acts like a blanket on our thoughts, suppressing the memories from yesteryears. And these eventually come out during those midnight snacks, over a K-Drama or two. There’d be a lot of laughter, trying to piece together fragments of our recollections, and sometimes, I’d remember those more than what tourist trap we found ourselves in for that day.

If you’re the older one, get ready to pay for a lot more things

Sure, you had no hand in deciding whether you wanted a younger sibling or not, but they’re here to stay, and I firmly believe it’s the duty of the older child to take care of the rest of the kids. Especially when you’re in a foreign place and the only people you know are the both of you. Especially if you’re earning more than she is, because that’s just courtesy, my friend. Trust me, even if they might not look like it, your younger siblings do appreciate it when you pay for their meals or their share of the transport. (Just make sure you have enough for yourself, too.)