With the many different spins on it, it is no wonder that headscarves are one of the staple attractions for the modest fashion industry. A myriad of types and takes on the aurat covering attire have emerged from the woodwork, and one of them being the Bawal Scarves.

Most recognized by its square shape, the bawal scarves are quite famous in the regional Southeast Asian hijabi communities. In fact, it’s a common scene to see a Muslimah donning a bawal scarf.

But what makes the bawal scarf so special?

Upon asking the masses their opinion, here are a few reasons why Bawal scarves have bawal-ed a lot of them over:

1. “ With a simple fold here, and another fold there, it’s like you have a different scarf!”

The single square scarf allows them to try and experiment with several different styles. In this manner, they could simply change up their attire by a different way of folding the unique scarf. This versatile nature of the scarf simply spoils its users with choices in how to wear it!

2. “It’s one of the easiest scarves to use!”

One of the given reason by the public is the sheer ease in wearing them, and this has secured the scarves’ place as a sure favourite. With the scarves’ simple design, and the customers’ familiarity with the shape (it closely resembles the traditional headscarves in the region), it is of no wonder why many of them find comfort in its similarities.

PHOTO: Muslyfe

3. “Definitely an affordable accessory; you can use it for any situation!”

A compelling factor in its favour with the masses would be the sheer affordability, and the fact that you can use it anywhere! Be it while heading to work or for a dinner night out, the bawal scarf can be used for numerous occasions.

4. “There are so many options and designs for them!”

Much like other headscarves, the bawal scarves not only boast numerous patterns to their design, but also offers a plain alternative to its keen users. This is a wonderful add to the many benefits of the bawal scarves, that makes it a must-have to many.

5. “It’s a lovely addition to my closet!”

Affordable, and flexible in offering a variety of style and designs, the bawal scarf is sure to give an added value to anyone’s closet. So, what are you waiting for? Time to add a bawal scarf or five to your closet!