For some, Hijrah marks more than just the Islamic New Year. It’s a start to the lunar year, that not only refers to a legendary moment in Islam but can also mark a new start to many a Muslim’s life, especially with yearly goals and resolutions.

First though, let’s talk about the historical mark of ‘Hijrah’ in islam as a religion. True to it’s meaning,where it means migrating, ‘Hijrah’ is referring to the migration of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and his followers from Mecca to Medina. This move is believed to have caused the teachings of Islam to flourish and grow as a community.

“New Year, New Me”

“That is because Allah would not change a favor which He had bestowed upon a people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing”. [Quran: 8:53]

Despite not fully celebrating the “New Year” in a typical new year celebration, Hijrah is often times referred to a period of inner-reflection and the perfect time for Muslims to renew their resolve to becoming a better Muslim. So here’s some tips and tricks in how to make your Muslim Year Resolutions stick for this Hijrah!

Step 1: Be Specific

Casting a wide net over all your problems for the new year is a classic faulty move for a new-goer. However, you’ll find that if you identify the problem area in yourself, this will make keeping the resolutions much better! This ‘area of improvement’ could be something as menial as “doing weekend laundry every week” or even “waking up for fajr and completing all 5 prayers”.

Step 2: Setting Realistic Goals

After finding out what area you’d like to improve on, you can now come up with a realistic target. Setting goals that can be achieved by you, is an important step or else you’d just be setting yourself for a doomed non-achievable goal. By knowing your capabilities and situation, you can set these realistic goals. Remember, it’s good to be positive and optimistic, but don’t fool yourself into tripping on your own lofty ambitions.

Step 3: Find the Steps

Before implementing the change and embarking on your future path, you should brainstorm and come up with ways to let you implement the change. These steps that will either let you achieve your New Year’s resolution or fall short. A simple example would be the ‘waking up for fajr‘ resolution. This could be started with a simple alarm and resolve to wake up for fajr to the best of your ability. This may be the start of a daunting task and a measure of will, but in due time, it’ll become second nature.Whatever these measures are, ensure they are practical in helping you get closer to fulfilling your resolution.

 Step 4: Deadlines

Having flashes on classwork and work? As much as nobody likes them, deadlines are essential to having a successful New Year’s resolution. Paired off with a reasonable goal and the proper measures, set yourself a logical deadline and even set a penalty for missing it. This may seem like an over-zealous means, but you’ll find yourself pushing that extra mile to achieve your goal.