Disclaimer: If you are allergic, have sensitive skin or doubts regarding any of the ingredients below, please err on the side of caution.

After a long week and non-stop layers of foundation and powder, it’s time to give your skin some loving.  Here are some simple and effective face masks to pamper your skin!

1. Yogurt
Yogurt has a natural cooling and moisturising effect for those with dry and sensitive skin. There is also a belief that yogurt has anti-aging properties, and helps to reduce premature wrinkle and fine lines. To make this rejuvenating mask, just follow these simple steps:

•    Buy a plain yogurt; you can usually find this at the supermarket.
Note: Organic yogurt is the most preferred kind, or at least plain yogurt with little to no processed sugar.
•    Place one to two tablespoons of yogurt in a mixing bowl, and add a teaspoon of honey. Honey contains antibacterial features, and is great for acne prone skin. Mix the yogurt and honey together evenly.
•    Slowly apply the mixture onto your face generously, but be careful, as it might get messy!
•    Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Feel free to lay down and listen to some soothing music as the yogurt does its work.

2. Oatmeal
Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory traits, and if you suffer from redness and blotchy skin, oatmeal may the answer. Oatmeal is also regularly used to treat other skin troubles such as eczema and chronic dryness. Here are the steps to create an oatmeal mask effortlessly:

•    Again, get some organic oatmeal, or at least the kind with little or no processed sugar in it.
•    Mix enough hot water with a cup of oatmeal to make a paste consistency.
•    Let the paste to cool down, and then spread the mixture on your face as well as any other problem areas of your skin.
•    Allow for 10 to 15 minutes for a waiting period.
•    Rinse thoroughly.

3. Lemon + Sugar

If your skin feels a bit dull and heavy, then perhaps a facial scrub may relieve you of your worries. Lemon can help to get the dirt and dead skin to come off, and brighten your skin in no time. To make a homemade facial mask scrub:

•    Slice some lemons to any size of your liking, as long as they sit comfortably in your hands.
•    Take the slices of lemon and coat the surface with a thin layer of refined sugar.
•    Gently scrub your skin with a slice in each hand, in a circular motion, concentrating on your T-zone and cheeks. But be careful; the lemon may sting your eyes.
•    Wash the scrub off your face and your skin will thank you!