Have you ever heard of the line that speaks, “the huge part of being a leader, be it a company or a movement, is to dress the part”, or

“dress like a leader and you’ll be treated like a leader”.

We’ve seen it in televisions; we’ve seen in on social media, we’ve seen it everywhere. It has to mean something right?

The moment I think about leadership and women, my favourite powerful character came to mind; Olivia Pope. In summary, Olivia Pope is a fictional character from the famous political drama driven series; Scandal. And in the matter of powerful, Olivia is the “go-to” person whenever the people with power are caught in a difficult situation. So, she is the person you’d call for crisis management. That is enough of my rambling.

And if you ask me, how to dress like a leader; one should think in colours. Colours play an important part in creating a look. You can learn the concepts of colour and style yourself to make your desired look more “you”. A close relative of mine once advised me to, “avoid yellow, unless you want to look like a bird”. That is the power of what colour and what style can do, and it’s absolutely life changing. Colour and style can totally save someone’s life!

Take for instance the famous Malaysian entrepreneur, Vivy Yusof. Everyone who follows her on social media have known by now know white is her absolute favourite colour. After being one of her fans for the past few years, I find myself slowly gravitating towards white as well. She makes white look more classy and timeless. Which I believe it is. It paints a very sophisticated and a revolutionary look. However, I have always believe black is the most powerful power of all. One that straighten you back, one that makes you look strong (and slim), one that even a food stain won’t hold you back. When everything else fails, always go for black.

Thus for me, you should also strive for the balance of being attractive and being powerful. In here, makeup also plays an essential role, in which case, a flawless to natural makeup is ideal and the outfit you’re donning on should be clean, well pressed and fit perfectly.

Us ladies should also be fashionable but not too trendy. Women should be classic and put together. And by that I mean clean lines, perfect tailoring which transcend with time and trends. In short, to satisfy our inner shopaholic alter ego, it is worth spending a little money on your clothes.

We, ladies, should also adapt to our environment too. Just because you see all over social media how crop tops are the go to style, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone or if you want to project the image of being powerful. You can be casual chic and in charge without wearing a suit. Thus again, the role of colours came to play in choosing what types of tops are suitable for the desired look. With adapting to the environment, we should also adapt the concept of “day-to-night” kind of style. From here, you can indeed go from work mode to dinner with just the right look.

Now, in order to walk the look. Go for heels instead of ballet flats. Sometimes, we need to trade comfort for this.  Go for pointy shaped heels instead of round which helps to elongate your legs and makes it look edgy.

Less is more. Yes, less is definitely more. Try to use less jewelries, well, unless you are in a company that sells one, then that is a totally different scenario. This means, less of those dangly earrings, no layer necklace and no of those eye candy colourful bangles. We need the people to look at us. All attention on you, not your accessories.

Most of all, always remember that you wear the clothes not the clothes wear you. It is all about projecting the image of Y.O.U. It all depends on what fits best and projects an appropriate image that will make you look and feel relaxed.