It is said to be the sunnah to dress in a new attire, in Malay which is referred to as baju raya, for every Aidilfitri. Every muslims around the world are encouraged to dress in a colourful and appropriate new baju raya, as this is to celebrate the festive season. Prior to Aidilfitri or even Ramadhan, most Muslims, especially in where I live, have already gone and pre-made their baju raya as early as the year! I can proudly admit that I am one of these people. Most of the time, I gravitated in making a timeless design so I can wear them for any other formal events, or for work. Something that can last me a long time and thus, became an investment.

But, having said that, I too have the problem in having far too many baju raya, which eventually led to them, hanging in my brother’s closet, as they don’t fit in mine anymore. Pretty sure most women have similar problem where their last year’s baju raya do not fit them properly anymore, which is a common occurrence for me. 

Mix and Match

I wouldn’t consider myself as the most stylish one out there. Sometimes, I even questioned my style every now and then. But, in the matter of recycling baju raya, I find that mix and match is the best solution for me, which by divine intervention, if the baju raya still fits perfectly. Whether matching it with a headscarves you’ve never worn with it, or a skirt that you just bought from the street market, there are just so many options and choices nowadays, even a simple blouse could be turned into a baju raya! Simply matched it up with a skirt that you previously owned, and voila, almost a whole new look people won’t even noticed – hopefully!

Beads and Laces

Another way to recycle your baju raya is by adding some embellishments. You can easily find laces and beads of your liking at any local beads shop with variety of designs, shapes and sizes and even colours to match your previous baju raya. You simply add it to the sleeves, or the neckline, of your baju raya that can help make it look more exclusive and elegant. For me, it gives off that femininity touch even if the beading is at the end of each sleeve. Simple yet elegant.

However, it is no doubt that sometimes it requires a bit more of an effort to have it sewn to your existing baju raya, but if it’s not too late yet, search on ways to have your laces or beads sewn from the internet or from a pal that has knowledge on it, and by then, you can work on your creativity which might surprise you! Hopefully in a good way. Or you could buy beads that are ready made like those flowers petals and sew it simply to the wherever you want! If everything else fails, you could just pay extra to the tailor, but that would beat the purpose, am I right? But I’m sure it doesn’t cost as much as a piece of baju raya!


Photo Credit : bellabelleshoes

Not only can laces and beads be attached to your baju raya. This can also be apply to your accessories too! Think outside the box. Don’t waste the excess of your lace and get it attached to your footwear instead; if you have any leather heels or shoes that peeled off, or stained that won’t come off, cut a small portion of the lace and glue to it. Otherwise, if you have a favourite shawl or headscarves that you have been constantly butchering, make it look different this year by attaching the lace at the edge or sew in beads and glue in diamonds to make it look different and new!

Another prop that you can recycle is your handbag! The same process as your shoes and headscarves, attached subtle laces to your last year’s handbag to match it up with your outfit!

Spend less, give more.

Think about those closest to you. Simply reach out to your relatives! You never know they might be eyeing on your outfit since day one but never have the guts to ask it from you.

Now, that we have reached here. Have you ever asked yourselves, what about those who have never owned any baju raya, let alone have any new clothes to wear to celebrate the occasion? I find that the best way to recycle your baju raya is to donate them especially when we don’t wear it as often anymore. Let someone else appreciate it. Donate it to the needy – or better yet, purchase new ones for them, if you will. It is a noble gesture, especially when we’re able to make someone else happy. Be the reason behind that smile. 

In doing so, we may have answered their prayer, and be rewarded in the afterlife. We can’t deny that donning a brand new baju raya is exciting but perhaps it’s time for us to consider giving as much as we are spending, or if not give more – after all, raya is a joyous occasion, and happiness is best shared. And surely the more we donate, the more rezeki we will get in the future. In Shaa Allah.