Today is D-Day – Donald J. Trump’s inauguration to the most powerful office in the world, that of President of the United States. Or as some are calling it – the dawn of neo-fascism.

Whatever your level of interest in global politics, Trump’s tenure does not look good for Muslims in America. Or Muslims globally. Or women. Or people of colour. I could go on.

His bigoted, xenophobic and misogynistic policies have all been documented in cringing, excruciating detail by the media over the past 18 months. There are about a million think pieces on what a Trump’ presidency will mean, so if you’re trying to understand what Trump’s America will be like, these articles are a good place to start.

1. FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims in US surge 67 percent

The FBI said hate crimes against Muslims are at their highest level sine 9/11 and there has been a spike in reported incidents since the election of Donald Trump on November 8:

“Hate crimes against Muslims in the United States shot up 67 percent in 2015 to their highest levels since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.”

Image: Federal Bureau of Investigation

2. What to Do With That Fiery Ball of Post-Election Anger Raging Inside You

A Muslim girl’s guide to fighting Islamophobia and surviving a Trump presidency. From the awesome, (and I mean, awesome) online teen mag, Rookie:

“So what to do with that fiery ball of anger raging inside of you? I like to think of it as the fuel that powers forward motion. Doing work that fights against all types of bigotry is an antidote to the cold loneliness that comes with being isolated in your marginalisation.”

Illustration: Ramisha Sattar

3. Donald Trump is gaslighting America 

Who said you need to talk down to teenage girls? In this scorched-earth op-ed, Teen Vogue got people noticing how a “girlie mag” had quietly transformed into a seriously woke, switched-on publication, and one of the most fearless critics of the president-elect:

4. The 289 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

Derision is a key weapon in the Trump arsenal. This brilliant list from the New York Times catalogues every person, place and inanimate object The Donald has insulted on Twitter since declaring his candidacy for president in June 2015:

“Of those, we found that one in every eight was a personal insult of some kind. Perhaps most predictable is Mr. Trump’s propensity to insult other presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats. (In Mr. Trump’s words, John Kasich is a ‘dummy’ and Rick Perry ‘should be forced to take an IQ test.’)”

Photo: Through Refugee Eyes

A rundown of Trump’s band of right-wing loons comprising racists, Islamophobes, climate change deniers, Wall Street fat cats, Big Oil, the list goes on. Basically, a lot of old white dudes.

Infographic: Al-Jazeera

A Columbia University professor warns why we cannot be complacent and just “hope for the best”:

“Those of us who witnessed illiberal populist movements take hold in Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Philippines, and elsewhere are watching the election of Donald Trump with a particularly acute sense of foreboding. With this difference: unlike the United States, none of these countries have ever stood out as a beacon of liberty. To many Americans, this means that however autocratic his leanings, Trump’s designs will fail. But this is exactly the wrong conclusion to draw. It is precisely such overconfidence in the United States’ long and illustrious tradition of liberty that could lull the American public into a false sense of security and facilitate the rapid destruction of that very tradition […] Don’t look for ways to soothe your sense of alarm, or assume that a Trump presidency might turn out less harmful than he has so far indicated. Autocrats almost always turn out worse than they seem before coming to power.”

Author Teju Cole’s personal essay is a galvanising call to action, urging people to resist the normalisation Trump and his brand of hate, ignorance and fear-mongering:

Image: Albrecht Dürer’s “The Rhinoceros,” 1515 / The National Gallery of Art

8. Here’s What I’m Telling My Brown Son About Trump’s America

Novelist Mira Jacob agonises over how to explain why Trump “hates brown people” to her 8-year-old son.

“This moment is like nothing else and like many things we have lived through before. It is the culmination of the last 18 months, yes, but also the flesh and blood materialisation of a shadow that dogged the entire Obama presidency, a by-product of the righteous anger we’ve nurtured since 9/11, and tangible evidence — as if we needed more — that America does not yet know how to love and value its people of colour, its immigrants, its Muslims, its gays, its disabled, its women. It is a gash in a building that becomes a second gash in another building that becomes a rumbling that will send you to your knees on the street.”

Image: Mira Jacob