Your day begins and ends in your bedroom, so keeping it organized and in order will, in turn, keep you sane. Overflowing drawers, messy floor, and a cluttered bed will leave you feeling somewhat miserable. Whether it is a room with a spacious space, or just a little corner for you, you deserve a tidy one. You need to make it a habit to reorganize and tidy up your room once in a while.

When I go out, I find myself coming home putting my bag at the nearest place reachable, coins and receipts can be seen scattered everywhere. Even the clothes that I tried on before going out (because I can be quite indecisive with what I want to wear) is just there on my bed, and didn’t put it back into the closet because, well.. “I’ll do it later”. Until the end of the day and I end up just shoving it into the closet, or worse, on the floor. So what do I get? A mess. A huge mess, a pile of clothes.

I tell myself to clean up or to make sure I organize everything back to its place, until the next time you open it, it falls on top of you, and then you tell yourself you’ll clean that up later… over and over again.

I would only reorganize my stuff probably once in four months. My problem is that I am always looking for ways how to organize it by going on Pinterest or YouTube, but I don’t actually do it. It should be done every month, to keep everything organized. Declutter, get sorted and tidy-up. Your bedroom should be both neat and inviting. Keep essentials visible and close at hand while maximizing hidden storage space.

1. Declutter

When you see something you haven’t worn in over a year, it’s time for it to go. Remember to either keep, sell, give away or throw it out. Make space in your room for new things, and remember that whatever you give away, will always come back to you, one way or another. Same goes for makeup, check the expiration dates and throw it out if it’s past the date.

2. Schedule it!

Reorganizing can take up one whole day: there’s the trying it on to see if it still fits, and there’s also those items that you haven’t seen in so long, that you end up spending a little more time looking at it, perhaps this could be old photographs. Sometimes you see something you haven’t seen for awhile, that you try it on, then get off track and start doing something else, or looking for old photographs to remind you of yourself when you were younger. So add yourself a time limit on each part of your room.

3. Organize your closet

I think the most important thing to organize is the closet. We have too many of it, whether we admit it or not. There just seems to never have enough space for it, and sometimes you might find it all crumpled up or hidden to the very back of your wardrobe. Make the most out of your closet space and arrange them according to season and colour. In my opinion, by colour-coordinating, it makes it look neater and is quite easy on the eyes. So get your hangers and storage boxes ready, either you will hang, fold or roll your clothes, it’s really up to you.

4. Clean!

Make your bed every time you get up. There is a saying that goes “making your bed in the morning is your first accomplishment you made of the day”. Which is so true. When you come home after a rough day at work or school to a made bed, it makes you feel at least you have made one thing right.

Sweep and mop your floor as often as you can as balls of fluff, dust bunnies and hair are formed under the bed or in corners of your shelves. no one wants to catch a cold or fall sick, and miss work and be less productive, right? Balls of fluff, dust bunnies and hair can formed and grow under the bed or in corners of your shelves.

The simple fixes can transform your sleeping space into a relaxing getaway. You would look forward to coming home to your bed more now. This is your space, where you spend most of your time, where you body goes to renew itself, where you are when you feel vulnerable, it is where you reconnect with yourself. Which is why you need to make time to reorganize your bedroom every once in a while. It affects your mind and thus, affects your productivity.

Set it on a weekend, and make it part of your plan, so when someone asks you out, you could say “I have plans”, because you actually do! Cleaning and reorganizing your room is a form of therapy and help you destress. So if you think you don’t have time to do it, make time. It’s for your own good.