A few nights ago I was at a friend’s house feasting on yet another mind-blowing episode of Game of Thrones, when every millennial’s nightmare unfolded before our very eyes. Even as our mouths were excitedly recounting the highlights of the episode, confusion was slowly etching its way across our faces as we simultaneously scrolled through our phones and noticed that virtually everything had come to a standstill. Upon realizing that her usually obliging and well-behaved wifi had stopped working and the fact that her house was in a vicinity not exactly known for having the best phone connection, we stared at each other in horror as suddenly, the long night ahead stretched out in unending darkness.

Flabbergasted and momentarily in shock we scrambled around like clockwork to perform a clichéd cycle of home remedies that involved doing everything and anything, but calling the service provider. Buttons were pushed, switches were frantically flicked and browsers were refreshed, but to no avail. The fact of the situation was that the wifi was down and we had no other choice but to do as our ancestors did and just deal with our lack of connectivity.

Like squirrels gathering nuts for a rainy day, every true millennial has their own stash of illegally downloaded movies stored on standby for this very occasion. Picking the movie “A Cure for Wellness” based on a recommendation made by a friend, we settled in our seats, willing our minds to ignore the fact that we were stranded in the world wide web with no connection or lifeline whatsoever.

It didn’t take long until the questions started popping up one by one.

“Who’s the director?”

“Where do you think this was shot?”

“I need to know if this is just C.G.I. or an actual existing place on earth that I will add to my bucket list but will probably never fulfil in this lifetime.”

“What genre is this? What am I watching? Is this horror? Should I be closing my eyes?”

“I need to Google the synopsis. I’m not feeling this plot, I literally do not know where this is going.”

“I have definitely seen this guy acting somewhere. In fact, he was super hot in his last role. Let me just show you a pic- oh.”

While the movie was incredibly aesthetically-pleasing, it didn’t escape my notice that my hands were restless and I was more fidgety than usual. It was almost as if my brain was still occupied with sending out search signals on its own, like the control room in my mind was going haywire with futile codes and unsuccessful hacks.

Thinking of it, it’s a bit scary and almost sad how dependent we’ve come to be on our phones. On that night, it dawned upon me that there is an ever-growing and overpowering need in all of us to always learn something new, a part of us which is greedy for new information to add to our ever-increasing database. It’s astounding how far we’ve come in terms of technology and attaining knowledge, yet how backwards we’ve gone in terms of the quality of which we appreciate things. It also made me realize how spoiled and impatient I’ve become as a millennial user of the internet who’s accustomed to having an infinite amount of technology at the tips of my fingers (with a typical Google search yielding approximately 600 million results in half a second. R.I.P. Encyclopedias).

So, ladies and gentlemen, it pains me to make this confession. In a perfect world, we would all be film connoisseurs, twirling our fancy moustaches and squinting through our monocles while making intelligent comments on art direction and cinematography. But I, unrefined commoner as I am, have to resign to the fact that I am one of those annoying people who feel the need to play with their phones in the cinema (with the brightness on the lowest setting, of course. I’m not an animal).

It’s a bad habit and an irksome one, but let’s just say that if you enjoy having an onslaught of in-depth trivia punctuating your movie-watching experience, like a real-time IMDB operator whispering in your ear, then we should set a time for our next movie date.

Can you watch a movie without checking your phone?