As Ramadan is fast approaching, naturally we are always eager and enthusiastic to reap all the benefits and wisdom it brings. You plan out all that you want to do, and when you’ve been fasting consistently, you are beginning to take advantage of all the blessings that Ramadan brings. You’re going steady and feel like you’re already on a roll, and the early headaches and hunger you get are finally gone as you’re finally getting used to it. You want to keep up with that momentum. And then bam! It comes. Your period.

You either dread its arrival or look forward to a few days of reprieve from fasting. No more praying, no more fasting. What now? There’s sorrow that comes from not being able to worship to the full extent that they eagerly want to.

You feel as though you are missing out, that you can’t take part in fasting and going for Taraweeh, having Suhoor. Well, I have news for you: you have time to do so much more now. Ramadan entails a lot more than just fasting.

This is not the time for you to fall back to old patterns of bad habits, watching TV series and movie marathons all day, snacking on food and eating everything you see like there’s no tomorrow.

Below are some of the ways a woman who experiences her menstrual cycle can still gain closeness to Allah during Ramadan.

  1. Increase your remembrance of Allah (dhikr)

Dhikr has a special way of touching the heart, and by mentioning God’s names whenever you can during this blessed month, you can create room for spiritual openings. Use you There are various supplications and each one has a a reward.

2. Increase in dua

Take lots of time in your day to make dua and make sure that you remember the ummah in your dua. You can make dua at any place or time. Take this opportunity to ask God for all that you need in your life, and to draw closer to Him through either repeating the beautiful duas of the Prophet, or using your own unique words.

3. Gain Islamic knowledge

With the extra time and energy you have from not fasting, listen to scholars, read books on Islam and take some time to read articles on the religion from trusted online sources. Read the tafseers and understand what you recite.

4. Increase in charity

We are all surrounded by countless blessings, so make sure to spread those blessings in the month of Ramadan. Be generous and give money to a good cause, help a family in need with food and clothes, send food to the mosque where people will be breaking their fast, or provide drinks for after Taraweeh. Sadaqa comes in many forms and takes very little time, but brings great benefits.

5. Make your responsibilities a form of worship

Sometimes, we feel angsty by the the duties and errands we have at home. Renew your intention regarding your role as the woman of the house and see these responsibilities as fulfilling to please God, which makes everything a form of worship. Ask God to accept all you do as worship, and approach all that you do in this way. With an open and sincere heart, all the cleaning up and cooking dinner, is a way for you to gain the pleasure of Allah.

6. Listen to the Quran

Menstruation women in Ramadan can listen to the recitation of the Quran as much as possible. It brings many benefits in especially in this blessed month. Just make sure that you do not touch the Quran.

7. Increase in repentance

Ramadan is a magnificent time to increase repentance to God. While others are praying, ask God to forgive you and your loved ones and to hinder you from returning to sin. Know that Allah is Most Forgiving, so ask Allah to pardon you, cover your sins, and save yourself from the Hellfire. Beg for forgiveness and you will soon realize that you need His mercy.

8. Visit the sick

It is one of the rights upon another Muslim to visit when they are sick, and these are great virtues for visiting. As mentioned by our beloved Prophet (PBUH), “When the Muslim visits his (sickMuslim brother, he is harvesting the fruits of Paradise until he returns.” Narrated by Muslim. Aside from that, this would enable us to be more thankful to Allah for the good health that we have.

9. Be kind to others, including spouses and family members

Use this time to rebuild any broken relationships. You should not use your period as an excuse for anger and mood swings; instead, shower those around you with care, love, and compassion.

We shouldn’t look at this “break” as our time off, but use it as gain or keep constant with your spirituality. May Allah make us amongst the rightly guided, In Shaa Allah.