Just imagine this scenario.

Your Internet got cut off, your phone battery just died and you are in the middle of nowhere.

What would you do in that situation? Be scared, or panic?

For most people, technology is an integral part of their own lives and without it, they cannot function; in a situation like above, they probably wouldn’t know what to do, too dependent on modern technology. And honestly, I’m the same as well.

But how can we truly know that we are too dependent on technology?

Here are 5 signs that we might be getting a little too dependent on modern world technology:

1. No Internet which means we can’t even do our work

Nowadays, most of our work requires an Internet connection, and if that shuts down, you can’t even hope to do your work properly. You can’t send an email or send your work through the cloud server, or upload files on the company’s database.

2. You don’t live in the moment

Now imagine that you are in a concert or an important event, like a family member’s wedding. It is now a common sight to see people usually recording the event using their cameras or phones, rather than watching the event with their own eyes. When we record on our devices, we tend to miss the important moments that are more memorable if we watched them ourselves. Of course we can re-watch that moment on our devices, but it honestly won’t be the same. While technology has allowed us to record the moments, it has stopped us from living in the moment.

3. Feeling empty without your phone

When we lose sight of our phone, chances are we won’t get comfortable until we find it, come hell or high water. Our phones have become so much a part of ourselves and without it we feel lost or naked, as if we were missing a limb.

4. Phone numbers are forgotten

With the invention of the contact application on the mobile phone, we tend to save people’s numbers and then completely forget all about it. In the old days when easy external memory wasn’t a thing, we had to memorize people’s phone numbers just to make it easier to call them, if we didn’t want to lug around a giant book filled with numbers.

5. Becoming anti-social

When we are eating at a restaurant or having a gathering with friends, it’s inevitable that while waiting, people will usually use their phones instead of making conversation with their friends. Technology has caused interpersonal relations to drop and this increase in an anti-social attitude is a rather worrying sight.

So, do any of these signs feel familiar to you? If yes, it’s probably time to put that phone down for a bit, and grab a drink with a friend and talk with them face to face, for once.