From time to time, we stumble upon close-to-magical things as we go through our everyday lives, and one of those things is definitely Jojoba Oil. To those who have not yet been acquainted with this miracle worker, Jojoba Oil is the liquid wax Native American tribes use for hair and skin care. It is derived from a kind of nut called the Simmondsia Chinensis which grows on shrubby trees in the arid regions of the United States.

PHOTO: Marie-Stella-Maris

Jojoba Oil, unlike the other oils we are used to seeing in our respective vanity tables or toilet shelves like coconut or Argan oil, resembles sebum, our skin’s natural oils. It has also been said that its molecular structure resembles that of natural skin oils. The use of Jojoba Oil ranges from skin eczema ointment to controlling hair loss, which is why we think it’s an all-rounder magic potion. Here are ways in which it is beneficial to certain parts of our body:

Jojoba Oil for your hair:

1. Helps tame your dry and frizzy mane

Applying Jojoba Oil to the hair results in a protective coating of close-to-natural oils that will keep your hair from drying up easily. Apply Jojoba Oil either before you shampoo your hair or after, as an after-shower hair conditioner whilst your hair is still damp. Jojoba Oil will act as your hair conditioner and moisturizer.

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2. Help control dandruff/skin psoriasis

Dandruff is essentially the result of your scalp’s cells drying up at a rate that is faster than normal, and to combat this is to keep your scalp moisturized. This oil is ideal for this as not only does it fight your scalp’s dryness, but it also contains zinc and selenium, minerals that have been proven to be useful in the reduction of dandruff.

On the other hand, if you are prone to skin conditions such as eczema and skin psoriasis, you can also be the victim of scalp psoriasis too. This is basically a condition where your scalp feels irritated all the time resulting in the flaking of your scalp, flakes that look a lot like dandruff. Jojoba Oil is able to seep into our hair follicles, pick up the dead cell and sebum buildup (the reason for irritation and itchiness of the scalp) and when we wash our hair, takes the debris with it. As if that’s not enough, it also soothes the itchiness!

Jojoba Oil for your skin:

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1. Keeps oily skin under control

It might come off as unsettling to think that the combatant to oily skin is oil itself, but hear us out: The oil acts as a modulator to sebum production and it will help in this case because oily skin is ultimately the result of an overactive sebaceous gland- Your skin is producing too much oil. Jojoba Oil on your skin will tell your sebaceous glands that yes, your skin is hydrated well, so they need not produce that much oil anymore.

2. Jojoba Oil says no to acne!

One of this magical oil’s properties is that it is able to seep into our hair follicles. This ability enables it to deep cleanse our skin, in a way that it seeps into our pores and unclogs the buildup of sebum inside by dissolving it. This results in clean pores and therefore, no acne.

It also has antibacterial properties, so in addition to merely seeping into our pores, it also clears out all bacteria. It also contains Vitamins A and E, which plays a role in controlling breakouts.

3. Soothes eczema

Not only does it soothe, Jojoba Oil is also a protectant eczema victims can use to prevent more possible eczema breakouts, and it does so by creating a protective layer that prevents the entry of germs. Jojoba Oil’s anti-inflammatory trait soothes the itchiness of eczema, all while moisturizing the dry patches of flaky skin as a result of the eczema psoriasis.

Jojoba Oil for your lips:

If you’re one for liquid matte lipstick, smooth lips is the only option for you. An easy way to attain silky lips is by applying a mere dab of the oil all over them. It locks in the moisture, keeping your lips hydrated. It also forms a protective layer, keeping your lips safe from the drying effects of wind and coldness.

Jojoba Oil as an all-natural make-up removal:

We now know the benefits of Jojoba Oil for the skin, what with its oil reduction, acne-fighting and vitamin-rich properties. Let’s add on to that amazing list with the fact that it can definitely help with the removing of make-up, in addition to soothing and offering beneficial vitamins to the skin.