It’s April and all the workload is piling up, and deadlines are fast approaching. What should you do?

A) Panic
B) Panic more
C) Maximum panic
D) None of the above.

Besides D, panic will bring you nowhere. The act of panicking will only worsen the situation, due to one’s cloudy judgment and rash decisions. So let’s not panic, but instead, keep calm. A clear head is definitely the answer to tackle any kind of problem.

1. Breathing Exercises

In every situation, whether it’s a good or bad one, it’s always best to take a deep breath before doing anything else. Just remember the 4-second rule:

Four seconds inhale.
Four seconds hold.
Four seconds exhale.
Four seconds hold and repeat.

Breathe slowly, and let the fresh air expand your lungs, and restore a good circulation of airflow for your entire body. Then, breathe deeply, so more fresh air can help your brain to function as effective as it can. Lastly, breathe consistently; not only because we need air to be alive, but to prevent that suffocating feeling, which could lead to an unwanted anxiety attack.

2. Walking with Nature

The beautifully lush view of forest green has been proven to be a great remedy for tired eyes due to the long hours of gazing at one’s monitor. Walking is also widely known as a stress reliever as it soothes millions of neurons that are located in our brain.

If you prefer a walk at the beach, then nothing should stop you. Let the sound of the waves become the much needed therapy that will calm down your nerves. I myself am a sea person, and the smell of salty water with the sand between my toes is definitely a soul reliever.

3. 10 Minutes of Alone Time

Take 10 minutes out of your day to just calm down and concentrate on yourself. Find that hidden solace, whether it’s in your car, room or kitchen. This is 10 minutes where phones or any form of electronic devices are prohibited. Allow yourself to listen to your soul, body and mind and care for them individually. Remember that your biggest asset in life is yourself, and if you don’t take care of yourself then who will?

4. Spread Those Arms for A Big Hug

My mum always gives me the most comforting hugs whenever things go awfully wrong. Whether it’s from your mum, sister, best friend, a cat or partner, a hug can bring you so much ease. If you feel awkward hugging then letting yourself have a pat in the back would be just as fine. This form of encouragement will surely help you to bounce back on your feet.