It’s real, it’s coming and it’s here. The weekend is around the corner which means Monday is coming. If you don’t know what that means, maybe you haven’t lived long enough. No one can disassociate Mondays and the blues. Why are we so against the idea of Monday? Simply because our weekend was amazingly eventful and suddenly it’s over the next day and we have to work all day long five days straight feeling blue. Ugh.

We really shouldn’t let a day dictate what we can or cannot do. It’s the twenty-first century, we can do anything we want including fighting those Monday Blues.

Plan the week ahead.

Organize for one thing to do every day after work that will bring you joy. Who is to say that your weekend should stop on Sunday? Turn your humdrum weekdays to a long 7 days’ weekend. Try a new recipe for dinner, binge watch all the series/drama/movies you haven’t seen, go shopping, meet a friend for a quick cuppa and the week is already gone! It will make the week go faster and you’ll see the weekend in no time.

Take control.

Plan all your workload so you won’t be overloaded with it. Draft emails and points in order of importance and workability. Work on the easiest ones to the hardest so you can ease your way into the week without jumping straight into the fire. The more you put a check on that list, the more you will feel accomplished for the week. This way Mondays are not as hectic as you think they usually are.

Sweat it out.

Take a couple of hours in the gym or a stroll in the park after work. It will take your mind off things, keep you fit and healthy and get you ready to have a full eat out on the weekend! Working out doesn’t have to be boring too, bring a friend to enjoy the benefits together.

Treat yourself.

If you feel like Monday is going to drag you down, treat yourself extra. Blast an upbeat playlist to pump yourself early in the morning. Dress to impress and intimidate Monday back to its place because you are not backing down. Eat at your favourite restaurant and own your world. No one can beat your positivity but yourself.

Last but not least, gratitude.

If all things fail, remember that you are alive and breathing for one more day. Alhamdulilah. Count your blessings. A roof to sleep under, food to eat, clean water to drink, family and friends who accept and love you unconditionally including your flaws etc. They’re basic but easily overlooked.

Whatever blessing you have is from Allah. Then, once you are touched by distress, to Him alone you cry for help.’ (16:53).

Once you do this, everything else will seem menial (that coffee stain on your blouse? Nothing like a good baby powder can’t help) and you would look into the future with a brighter and more positive mindset.

May your Monday be short, your lashes be long and your brows on point.