It was a bright, cheery Sunday morning and we were surrounded by the fresh, earthy scent of the flora; absolutely an unforgettable feeling. A good amount of a crowd began accumulating inside the naturally lit AgroTech’s Greenhouse.

Positioned at the centre of the room were elegant panels displaying impressive new products from Laneige Brunei. With Patricia Li, the General Manager of Laneige Brunei, welcoming everyone with her warm smile, the atmosphere was undoubtedly and aesthetically relaxing.

Displays of Laneige’s White Dew skincare line (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Divided into two colours, the first section of the mini exhibit were dominantly blue, showing products from Laneige’s latest skincare range: White Dew.

Presented beautifully against the attractive backdrop of potted flowers were the White Dew Skin Refiner, Emulsion, Original Ampoule Essence, Tone Up Cream, Milky Cleanser, Intensive Eye Mask and Purifying Mask.

Patricia explained to the intrigued guests that the White Dew skincare line were to have both moisturising and whitening technology for the skin, leaving it to be more radiant and soft than before.

Next to the White Dew range products, were a collection of classy pink goods called the Clear-C skincare line, which included the Clear-C Peeling Mask and Clear-C Peeling Serum. With different purposes, the Clear-C products leans more towards restoring smooth, moisturised skin especially when the skin needs dead skin cell care.

Clear-C skincare line (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

As guests lined up before Laneige’s latest products, there’s a certain sense of curiosity etched on their faces. With the help of the friendly staff of Laneige, they explained in great detail about the strengths of each latest product.

One visitor noted the sweet fragrance of strawberries as she applied the Laneige Clear-C Peeling Mask on her hand. With immediate results, she commented how her skin felt a lot smoother and more refreshing.

Invited guests sample tested the products and they were simply pleased with the instantaneous effects offered by the products.

Propped in the corner of the panel displayed bundles of blank colourful shirts and Patricia requested her guests to customise a shirt for their loved ones with cute, themed stickers in conjunction to Mother’s Day.

Prints to customise shirts displaying Mother’s Day messages (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Esteemed guests were more than happy to partake in a creative session, carefully picking out the best stickers and prints to put on their shirt which best described the message they wanted to convey to their loved ones.

Before the gift-wrapping session, Patricia gave a succinct, inspiring and heartwarming speech, expressing her gratitude towards KNN Greenhouse and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves for the heartwarming support of the get-together event. She also expressed her delight in sharing such a joyful and blissful moment with her wonderful guests.

Invited guests wrapping their gifts (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Once everyone had the chance to customise their shirts, a gift-wrapping session commenced. It was certainly a delightful experience, as the small crowd had a splendid time, laughter ringing through the air as they wrapped their presents.

Cameras clicked and memories stored.

Guests left feeling contented, refreshed and enlightened. It was nothing short of a perfect and splendid Sunday morning.