I’m not trying to take the opportunity in bashing the opposite gender in stating a few things on my list I have in my hand on how women are definitely winning at being a woman. But then again, I’d like to see if the male species can actually survive even a day of being a woman. If only we have some kind of technology that helps.

We are emotionally strong
Women everywhere around the world are emotionally strong. Regardless of whatever is that has been thrown at their directions. From personal experiences, we all have had those days or sometimes just hours of us wallowing in self pity regardless of the reasons. Being a woman is equal to being a question mark. We ourselves can’t really fathom why we feel what we feel. Why we suddenly burst into tears while we were in the shower, or why we suddenly feel emotionally shattered whenever that one particular song hits you while you were driving your way to work. Say, why some people just can’t really explain why they’re really not a fan of Taylor Swift. Women truly cannot explain why they feel a certain way about people, or any innate objects in general.

We cant really explain nor be too articulate with how we feel. Especially when its “that time of the month” where all of our emotions are heightened and amplified, and all you want to do is either cry, or eat, or eat and then cry or, you’re like me, you just stay silent and write.

However, I believe that women are stronger than men because they have love in their hearts. No matter what they gone through, women will always have a smile on their face and the more they get pushed down, the stronger they get back up. Women have been through hell with the abuse, rape, and even social and cyber bullying, and it’s time we as women took back what is rightfully ours.

Overcoming that time of the month 
Pretty sure every women around the world are still traumatised about their “friend” who makes regular visits every month, even though by the time they’re 40. Being a woman does not make “being a woman” any easier. Its not a walk in a park, if you ask me. We are just created and destined to be put into a female body. What do we do? We adapt and survive. I’ve been a woman for over 24 years, and I’ve yet to learn more about the depths of being a woman.

Any men out there, imagine if, some time around your 12th birthday, some manner of liquid suddenly out of nowhere appeared in your pants or in the middle of a History lesson. Not only that, it turned up every month, visiting like clock-work for the next 30 to 40 years. I assure you you would have reacted the same way when we first got our period. Because that’s what we’re like too. We are not wise, nor are we in touch with the nature. We are just people with a whole load of laundry issues than you.

Have you ever tried to scrub blood stains off your favourite jeans late at night because you don’t want to bother your maid or even your mom to wash your dirty laundry, or you’re just too embarrassed to be scrubbing blood stains off your clothing without even a spec of judgment emanating from any of your relatives? no? because, that my friends, is one of the defining aspects of being a woman.

Conquering the feeling of tiredness
Have you ever looked at your sister or your mom and all you see is them sighing as soon as their bum touches the sofa? Tired. Women gets tired too. From the moment we hit puberty, we have been the victims of cat-call in the streets and even at school. We have been the subjected to comment on by relatives, “Oh she’s big boned”, as if we weren’t standing a step away from them, hearing all of this, so, hi. 

We have seen our biggest female role models being shamed in press, which shows not even success and money can protect us from the humiliation of simply being a woman.

Imagine growing up, being told from left to right how we must have our babies when we’re young or else the eggs are running out! This is one of the many reasons, maybe, why, women can become suddenly furious for no absolute reason. Because, as we all know, tired people tend to lash out in one way or another. Anger is just fear that is brought to the boil.

Together we are powerful

Women are ought to be “stuck” and stagnant with the glass ceiling constantly hovering over our heads. “Be pretty. Be bright. Be sexy”. There are so many expectations in being a woman. The society – the world expects women to be a certain way but when we rebut even in a slightest way, they would label us, “C” or “B”. Sometimes, they expect us to go far and be who we want to be, yet shut us down immediately when we do go far and when we do slightly better than them. 

Women when we unite, regardless of our differences and cultural backgrounds, when we unite, we are unstoppable. No matter what you say, women are unstoppable. Growing up in the 90s, you are exposed to the Mean Girls era. Especially after that award winning performance from Lindsay Lohan in portraying the true image of how “mean” a woman can be towards one another, yet how forgiving and strong they can be when they start accepting each other. That is woman. We talk, we understand, we push boundaries together.

We’re good at spreading love

Every woman is born with an innate desire to beautify everything around her. What could be more beautiful than one person showing a kind gesture to another? Melodramatics aside, when a women vow to do something nice for someone every day, say write a hand-written note to a friend, call a loved one, invite someone you wouldn’t typically invite for dinner, surprise your mother with a pampering spree, include a love note as you’re packing your husband’s lunch. I promise you, if this is all you take away from this list, it will be worth it.

With spreading love, I truly believe it goes a long way. Spend time with your love ones. Nothing brings out my feminine, nurturing side than spending time with the important person in my life. With just five minutes with them, accompanying them to buy gas or eat, there’s simply nothing else that can bring me more happiness. There is something oh-so-beautiful about the perfect union of a masculine man and a feminine woman that allows you to freely hand over the pants (figuratively speaking) in the relationship.

It is true, psychologically, women are stronger mentally and emotionally compared to men. Which again, proves that we are indeed winning at being a woman. We are stronger when it comes to socialization and peace making. We are naturally good at communicating and understanding people face-to-face. Take for instance, when a mother see the look on her child’s coming home from school, the child may mask away their feelings, trying to act like they’re okay, but the mother will always, always know.

With that, I truly believe women in general are winning in being a woman. We’ve been through different kinds of hurdles and emotional instability to fully understand what we truly want, and that is already strenuous in itself. Happy International Women’s Day, sisters! Lets strive to be better.