Shakespeare’s works is some of the most difficult literature to read and understand. The complexity of his words and the playfulness of expressions act as jigsaw puzzles of terms. Moreover, the old structure of the English language could lead to an endless guessing game of meanings. Nevertheless, there are some rather entertaining ways to understand Shakespeare, and here’s one of them.

I still remember like it was yesterday. I was visiting a friend’s house during my Easter break, and next thing I knew a ticket to Copenhagen was bought under my name. I had a day to pack up to visit a country I barely knew, and little time to research about. However, perhaps going to the unknown is the secret recipe in order to create the most memorable trip. During my stay there, my traveling companion decided to bring me to a castle. I excitedly agreed, but there was a catch: it was all about Hamlet.

To go, or not to go; that was my question.

This castle is located in Helsingør, approximately 40 minutes by train from the city. Known as Kronborg Castle, it was originally built in 1420 and it was the set that Shakespeare used for his play, Hamlet.

So, what’s so particularly special about this castle?

PHOTO: Jon Nordstrøm | The Official Website of Denmark

From early April to late June, a live performance of Hamlet will be held throughout the castle. From the entrance, you will be greeted by a number of jesters that will play and tease you, and once you enter the center foyer, you will see characters walking around, breathing life into the play as they embody the lines written by Shakespeare centuries ago. You are able to continue to explore all the rooms that are available at each level, where a scene is bound to be played out in the middle of the room.

The fame of this unique performance has spiked an interest in this complicated classic read, and it shows that although one may not have fallen in love with the play at first, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should dismiss it without trying.