When I think of blue lipstick, I think of horrendous first dates and accidentally ordering squid ink pasta. I think of Katy Perry trying hard to pull off yet another attempt to stay relevant and edgy. I think of Kylie Jenner’s “Galactic Rodeo” themed birthday party that I wish I was invited to. But out of all these outlandish things that come to mind, the one thing that blue lipstick does not project is its everyday wearability.

Realistically speaking, one doesn’t simply wake up one day and decide to slather on turquoise liquid lipstick before popping into an office meeting. And it’s probably safe to say a majority of us don’t sport teal lip gloss for a day out and about running errands and doing grocery shopping either. But what if the time has come for blue lipstick to actually make its debut as part of our everyday looks? Check out four looks we’ve come up with to help ease in the extra edge needed in your day-to-day makeup routine:

Everyday Casual a.k.a. “Denim on denim, metallic blue lipstick and a hijab?”

Once upon a time it would be highly difficult to imagine all these things in one sentence, let alone in an ensemble claiming to be “everyday chic”. However, with friendly yet muted day-to-day colours such as blue, charcoal grey and white, the blue lipstick is almost a welcome disruption to an otherwise perfectly clean-cut look which wouldn’t make anyone look twice on any other day.

Useful tip to remember: Feel free to keep it as casual and comfortable as you’d usually like, but try to stick to a specific colour scheme within the same range of colours so as not to overdo it. There’s nothing more confusing and aesthetically-unpleasing than an unplanned mix of messy patterns and clashing hues.

“Bring Your Navy Blue Lipstick to Work” Day

Believe it or not, there is a way to successfully pull off bold, statement lip colours in the office and still be on top of your working game. By keeping the rest of your makeup to a subtle minimum with the exception of strong yet natural brows, waterproof mascara and a warm blush, you’ll be able to draw attention to the key points of your look.

Useful tips to remember: 1) Save the glosses and the shimmers for your exciting Saturday night around town instead of a boring round of water cooler talk. By keeping it matte at the office, you get to look bold yet polished (without making it too obvious that you’re looking forward to the weekend!). 2) Don’t forget to wear good-coverage foundation as dark lipsticks tend to bring out darker undertones in skin such as scars, dark circles and blemishes.

Go Grunge or Go Home

If you’re an all-or-nothing kind of gal, you’ll understand that there’s no better feeling than fully embracing and immersing yourself in something wholeheartedly with no regrets. So if blue lipstick brings out the inner grunge inside of you that’s been dying to get out, then it’s time to dust off the leather jacket that’s been sitting in your closet, put on your favourite boots and get ready to blend, blend, blend that smokey eye to your heart’s content.

Useful tip to remember: With your grunge outfit already laden down with darker shades, don’t be afraid to experiment with a pop of colour here and there, whether it’s your favourite band t-shirt, yellow eyeshadow or just a pair of bright sunglasses.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

If predictability is not your kind of thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Instead of playing up on your edgy side or toning your blue lipstick down to conform to an everyday look, why not throw in a bit of contrast and do something different? Break out your flower crowns, floral motifs and other pastel paraphernalia and bask in the glory of being a beautiful pastel princess with a twist.

Useful tip to remember: Blue lipstick is a brave statement in itself. Be sure to soften the rest of your makeup look with pops of subtle rose gold tones and soft bronzes around the face– and not to forget, as much highlighter as your little heart desires.

Despite the many, many unspoken rules that surround the taboo of wearing blue lipstick or any other unconventional lip colour, there’s really nothing like just having fun with experimenting and broadening the horizons of your expectations of yourself. While blue lipstick still has a long way to go before it becomes a staple in our makeup regimes, the year is 2017 and the possibilities are endless. Let’s never say never.