Let me just start by saying that starting a conversation with “I’m bored” is the worst possible way to try and get someone to respond to you. It’s not cute, it’s not quirky, it’s uninspiring and discouraging and it’s definitely high up on my list of pet peeves. Not only am I suddenly laden with the pressure and obligation to be your personal entertainer, it’s also eye-rollingly dreary, knowing that I’m trapped in a conversation with a grown adult who makes it obvious that they have no notion of how to amuse themselves, or use their free time in a productive manner.

It’s different when someone is informing you of their boredom with the intention of taking you out and spending their free time with you; flattering even, knowing that you’ve been specially selected and given the honour of rescuing them from idleness. But to the ones who text with no agenda other than to have something to do, how boring do you think I am to assume that I have nothing else to do than to reply back and forth in meaningless banter?

However, big talk aside; just because declaring your lackluster state of mind for all the world to hear is a faux pas in my books, there’s really no denying that it is human nature to be a bit restless from time to time, especially when dealing with the routine dullness of a mundane task. I get bored, you get bored, we all get bored. Here are some things that you might find yourself doing if you get bored really easily.

Boredom is finding yourself walking around the house with your toothbrush in your mouth because you can’t stand the thought of standing in front of the sink, with nothing to do but depressingly stare at your bleary face in the mirror as you brush left, right, left right, up and down, up and down.

Boredom is staring into the distance during a long lecture, mouth slightly agape, and actually considering honing your craft as an amateur doodle artist if it means never having to attend another boring class at such an ungodly hour.

Boredom is cooking ramen in your kitchen with one hand pouring the MSG-laden contents into the pot and the other still holding on to your laptop because you’d rather have a sore arm than stare at water boiling for the next four minutes. (Boredom is also always having to eat the burnt french fries and chicken nuggets of your own lackadaisical cooking just because it takes forever for frying oil to heat up and nobody has time for that!)

The fear of boredom means always having your personal entertainment stash in your trusty handbag or in the car at all times, whether it’s a mini library of unfinished books, a crossword puzzle or a fully charged gadget.

The idea of sitting on a toilet without a book, a magazine or your phone is the equivalent of the stranded on an island with only your thoughts and impending insanity for company and amusement.

Boredom is being in a conversation with someone who won’t shut up and wondering if they’ll notice if you watch a few YouTube videos on your phone during their incessant yapping (on mute and with subtitles on, of course, so it won’t be so obvious). It’s also playing a quick game of Candy Crush in your handbag during a draggy scene in the cinema and trying your best to block out the light so it won’t offend your date.

While everyone has heard the saying that “Only boring people get bored”, it’s okay to ignore it, sit back and realize that sometimes it’s completely alright to be unamused from time to time. And while you occasionally wish that you were more easily entertained, it’s perfectly acceptable and quite common to mourn the dullness of your life every now and then.

Just don’t go texting people about it.