While I’ve waxed poetic about my love for red lipsticks and by extension, vampy ones, there’s nothing quite like wearing a totally out of this world colour to make a statement. It required a special brand of courage, more fashion skills than I was prepared for, as well as a carefree attitude after the first few shocked looks that graced my way. Recently, I was challenged to wear a weird-coloured lipstick as a sort of experiment, and this was the outcome.

First things first: the colour

I’ve worn a berry lipstick that bordered on dark purple before, but I’ve never worn a hue that was closer to the blue spectrum and I figured, it wouldn’t really be that different, would it?

(I was so wrong. Forgive me, lipstick connoisseurs.)

The first time I swatched that semi-violet, semi-navy, all-around intimidating colour on my wrist, I sort of fell in like with how deep the tone was on my skin. It wasn’t love at first sight, because I was, admittedly, somewhat terrified by the prospect of actually wearing it out. But it was enough to convince the innate Gryffindor in me to not think twice and grab it together with a couple of other makeup items I was running low on (no lie, I was mashing my compact powder to bits by that point).

Getting used to it

It took me a few tries of getting comfortable with the way it sat on my lips, as well as trying to solve the issue of finding something that wouldn’t clash or take away from how bold my lips looked in the colour. That was a phase I thought I’d passed when I first found my inner lip junkie but evidently, it was a couple of days before I finally mustered up the courage to come out of my room to face the world, blue lipstick and all.


My father: “You look terrifying.” Thanks, Dad. Glad to know I can still manage to surprise you with my antics after twenty-over years of me coming up with things to stress you out with.

My sister: “I do not want to wake up to that.” A moot point, considering the way I look in the morning when I’ve just woken up is probably a lot more hellish-looking compared to just some weird-coloured lipstick.

My best friend: *does a double take* “Whoa, where’s your choker?” Mildly offensively stereotypical, but I couldn’t really say I didn’t have one, to be honest. Or that I wasn’t contemplating on wearing it, but ultimately decided it didn’t go together with the work outfit I’d put together for the day.

My friend on social media: “Love the colour on you!” This honestly gave me a little bubble of warmth, considering it was the first positive thing someone said to me about the lipstick all day. It only took, what, six hours since I left the house?

My male colleague: “You look metal.” I took that as a compliment as well, because I had a metal rock phase once, courtesy of my father when I was younger, and I figured it didn’t hurt to look just a little bit intimidating, once in a while.

The general public: There were quite a number of double takes, extended staring, and one memorable occasion where an older woman, quite literally, glared at me. Although I’m not sure if it was because of my lips, or that I might have been unconsciously blocking the aisle she wanted to enter.

My take away from it all

Sure, it was rather scary the first few hours, especially when I had a hundred different places to get to for the day and all I could think of was how much people were just staring at me the entire time. But I also felt strangely empowered, and relished in that streak of recklessness I keep buried under adult responsibilities and trying to fit in with society.


I believe in self-love, and if wearing a blue, or green, or some other completely bizarre colour, makes you feel good about it, then go ahead and don’t let a few negative comments stop you. As for me, I’m definitely going to wear it out again, and probably go out of my way to find other hues as well.