A phrase that’s become overrated and underrated at the same time. A phrase with meaning as powerful as the two words that it embodies. Love. A feeling of endearment for another person – to care so deeply for someone. A liking towards something.. Like a hobby or a sport. To be infatuated; to be so in love with another being. Blind. To be visually impaired. To lack understanding.

The common shallow perception when one hears the phrase is that physical appearance plays a trivial role in triggering affection. The least popular understanding is that one is often blinded by love that they refuse to acknowledge the faults and flaws of their loved ones. But, when we actually put two and two together and permutate between the various definitions, it sets off a train of thoughts. My thoughts, to be more exact. There are endless interpretations to fill the gaping void enclosed by both ends of the spectrum, waiting to be explored.

Now, in particular, I’d like to explore the strongest love known to mankind. A mother’s love for her child.

Love in it’s purest form – bearing her unborn child like a baggage everywhere she went, satisfying the endless queer cravings (for food she never found appetising) during pregnancy, enduring daily sickness (the sink had become her loyal companion), exhibiting unpredictable mood swings (‘perseverance is key’ relates to the father-to-be). She hadn’t even met her baby, yet she had gone through and done so much for them – all for a healthy baby and a smooth labor. She knew deep down that then, her baby was depending on her internal well-being to survive and afterwards, on her feet to go to Heaven.

She taught them their first few words. She nursed them when they were unwell. She lost sleep when their sleeping pattern was irregular. She withheld her tears when she sent them off for their first day of school, she couldn’t handle the separation. She taught them the rights and wrongs, the Dos and Don’ts. She watched her child grow to become the person they are today. She had sacrificed a quarter of her lifetime to take care of her child. Looking back, would she do it again? Yes, indefinitely. Albeit her child is now a full-grown adult and she had left them to fend for themselves, she would still go out on a limb to protect her child from harm’s way.

Now, I’d like to stress upon the fact that I am not a mother, nor am I a mother-to-be. I am simply a keen observer of my surroundings – which happens to be a crowd of mothers. I have seen so many bend over backwards for their children – even when not asked and especially when they get caught in a quandary.

It’s like a package deal that comes with motherhood

But to what extent? Where should the line be drawn? How far should a mother go to protect her child? Is it ever right to side her child even when they are in the wrong? Should she be breaking her integrity just to cover her child’s mess? Is she doing all of this because she feels it is her duty as a mother – or is she doing it because a child is a reflection of their upbringing? That the quality of her motherhood is in question? Is she doing it for her or for them?

All these questions remain unanswered. But the real puzzle is.. 

We put a mother’s love into question, do we ever stop to question a child’s love for their mother?

All of these things will remain a mystery, until I have to experience it for myself.  Indeed, love is blind.. And it clouds our judgments. But one thing is for sure, there is no measure to a mother’s love. A mother’s love for us is not questionable, and we should always prioritize our mother’s love for us, as according to a hadith by Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him,

“Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother”

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