For most women, makeup is what gets you ready to face the world or more accurately, used as a tool to enhance your appearance and create your own self image and confidence – Okay, admittedly, it is also sometimes misused as a ‘tool’ to please others. Although, its an unhealthy habit but it plays a powerful role to mask your insecurities or to be used to further enhance the face feature we love the most with the magic of a makeup wand.

Truth be told, I was never the girl who likes playing with makeup – or rather own more than just a lipstick. Growing up, my mother never showered me with the girly stuffs most girls get to be exposed to. Living with 3 brothers does not help either. The only form of makeup I ever owned since Primary School was Maybelline’s Baby Lips and Body Shops’ lip balm which I used up almost religiously. Pretty sure I had never experienced a chapped lips back then!

However, growing up and being exposed to Youtube and other social media platforms, I was introduced into the makeup world filled with colours, glitters and simmering glosses! Watching Youtubers’ unboxing their makeup hauls has got to be one of my favourite go-to videos until today.

Started slow, I bought my first ever Naked’s makeup palette with my first allowance and it was the beginning to my eagerness to learn more and play with makeup. The Naked palette was very much in trend back then and everyone seems to have one! 

I started to be more willing to volunteer my face as a canvas for my closest relative and friends to “practice” or rather enhancing my features with just a touch or a flick of the wrists with makeups. This just grew my interest and passion with makeup in itself.

Overtime, talking to my closest and how they felt about using one, I grew to learn that makeup is not just a “mask” to hide one’s insecurities as most non-makeup users or lovers might think, or, what I used to think. Indeed it was more of an empowerment for those who wear it as it gives or rather exudes more confidence in ourselves to feel more “put together”. 

“A tool of self-expression, gives me the control and it makes me glow”

“Makeup is a good form of therapy”

“Plays a powerful role to mask your insecurities or can also be used to enhance the features you love the most”

“Wearing makeup is exciting and fun as I’m able to experiment w colours and shapes”

Some may say makeup makes them feel more confident and as a result, apart of them don’t feel completely “done” without it. There are also those who say they love experimenting with different looks and colours as a way of expressing themselves that allows them to channel different personalities as well as aesthetics. Truth to be told, make up is how one believe it is described to be and everybody deserve to be who they want to be.