Beauty. Love. Faith.

These were the words uttered by Amira Geneid, the talent behind the fast rising halal cosmetic brand, Zahara. With great success and an impressive cult following, Zahara is now a household name in Malaysia.

How did Amira become a tycoon of the halal cosmetic industry? We reached out to her to find out.


Tell me a bit about yourself; how was it like growing up with six siblings and highly successful parents?

It’s hectic. When we are all together, plus 9 nieces and nephews (to date), it’s really really loud but also a lot of fun. I also feel so blessed to have such inspiring parents who show me every single day how important it is to work hard.


(PHOTO: Amira Geneid)

Could you share an insight into what it is like working in a company that is at the forefront of the halal industry?

We are working to build the world’s leading halal makeup brand and that is an extremely ambitious pursuit. So in short, it’s stressful and tiring, but definitely rewarding. I want to change people’s views about halal cosmetics and I have a lot of pride in what that should mean.


Islam is a religion of love and therefore, respect. For you to have formulated halal cosmetics is an ultimate gesture of respect to your fellow sisters of faith. How do you maintain positivity in upholding that basis of love and respect in your brand and products, especially with the constant inevitable obstacles of the business world?

We are very clear about our values, and they guide our decisions. Beauty. Love. Faith. That’s what we are about at Zahara. It’s been a part of our DNA since the beginning so we have been able to build the brand on solid foundations. We love our sisters and for us that’s enough of a reason to always put in the extra work.

Why do you think, in this day and age, there are still women who need that little push to feel empowered?

I think it’s all about confidence, so many of the women I meet don’t realise how awesome they really are. Sometimes it just takes a bit of reminding, and we are happy to do that every single day of the week.


There is still a stigma surrounding women, whereby a woman is considered unfit to lead for they are emotional creatures, as compared to men. What is your opinion on this, as the CEO of Zahara?

I really don’t agree. I believe that’s sexist, women are capable of anything.


To Slay all day must be a tiring, close-to-impossible feat. What keeps you determined to Slay all day, everyday?

I absolutely love what I do. I love makeup and I love working with my ladies. We may not always be glam but we are definitely always slaying and that’s because we are building something we are really passionate about.


So what’s next for you?

I’m 100% focused on Zahara and plan to be for the next few years. InshAllah we will reach our goal of being the world’s leading halal cosmetics brand, and then you can ask me again what’s next. Wish me luck!