When it comes to sportswear, I believe most Muslim women are finding it difficult in figuring out what gym or sport attire is appropriate for them to wear in public. Its a bit contradicting to say the least as, we all know modesty and workout clothes do not really fit very well in the same sentence especially when its well over 100 degrees outside.

The modern workout clothes are lowering the modesty bar with yoga pants, colourful and printed sports bras, spandex shirts and shorts, and skimpy tanks tops. Thus resulting girls in getting used to dressing in tight yet revealing skimpy clothes while working out.

However, with the growing number of hijabis making a difference in the modern world by making a stance that they are not going to let anybody to step on their spirit in insisting in covering up while working out, more and more modest sportswear are coming out these past few years.

Ibtihaj Muhammad, Hedaya Malak and Sara Ahmed, have readily proven that the hijab doesn’t obstruct a Muslim woman from achieving success in their career and passion. Furthermore, if the hijab does not restrict one’s sporting abilities, as these Olympic athletes have proven, then it is a question of personal choice. If a Muslim woman wishes to dress modestly in her life, why should her sporting career be any different?

Muslimah Tracksuits

Muslim women just like all other women around the world have the choice and power in choosing what to wear especially an attire that makes them feel more comfortable. Well known brands such as Uniqlo sells these tracksuits for their Muslim customers at an affordable prices, or you could also check on some at Modanisa website for more varieties


It is advisable to find a top a size larger to prevent it from sticking to your body hugging your body figures. Do not forget to neglect the length of your top as well and cover up your bum! Work out to be healthy, not to impress, am I right ladies? At the side note, you can feel breezy while sweating out all those donuts sweats!


This is where it all goes in. With today’s trend, there are just so much to choose from. Then, try to choose water-repellent loose-fit joggers so it won’t drag you down while doing exercises.


It is an essential to all athletes, regardless of their backgrounds—and for something like a hijab, that goes on the head, it’s even more crucial to find one that stays cool when you wear it. These days, huge brands like Nike have came up with an ultra-breathable fabric that fits different face shapes that keeps athletes feeling cool and comfortable throughout their workouts.

Otherwise, you could just wear your normal ready-to-wear hijab with a rubber headband you could find from any sports outlets to keep your hijab fix and sane while running like a puma!


Thus in regards to sportswear in general, they may varies from outerwear and even gadgets! That being so, here are my top 3 picks of fitness trackers.


If you want to look stylish yet somewhat relatively affordable fitness tracker, then Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent choice for you and it works just as well as an Apple Watch and even any Garmin’s fitness watch.

However, most of these fitness tracker (sport watches) are relatively similar to one another. They often feature heart rate tracking and reminds you to move around every hour. Also, their app is great for more motivation which are downloadable for most smart phones.

Because of its tiny screen in FitBit compared to most watches, it highlights your femininity side, which means, you can not only use it during sports time, you could wear it up for casual days as well.


I am the type of person who loves watches. Especially if they compliments my feminine hands. Truth be told, when you lift weights, I realised your hands tend to get more bulkier or more muscular in sizes. I can’t speak for everyone, but this is what I come to realize.

Thus, speaking of feminine watches, another award winning favourite of mine is the Garmin Vivomove HR. Designed for both sexes, but what really drawn me into this specific Garmin model is not the outstanding features, but the colour choices. Im sure the features are just as good, if not, better! It ranges from black, gold, silver and even rose gold. Its outstanding battery life also didn’t fail to impress me. This specific model can last up to 2 weeks, which is great for a person who doesn’t like to charge so very often like me.

Because it does not look like a typical sports watch, you could wear it up to any occasions! Which to me, is worth every penny, but we all know anything Garmin is well worth your money!


I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with this Motiv brand. It is a smart ring. Similar like Garmins, these rings are available in variety of colours such as rose gold or slate grey. They come in different sizes and it is said to be waterproof.

I find that Motiv is really unique and new as well as it is definitely a stylish alternative to having to wear something around your wrist.

Truthfully, in my opinion, the hijab does not need to be a hindrance. Eventually, this will promote more religion tolerance and understanding so that barriers or stigma towards Muslim women in sports can be removed. This was evident, especially when The Nike Pro Hijab goes beyond addressing that the sportswear world is making moves towards inclusivity.