As human beings living our lives in this beautiful but chaotic world, we are not immune to the painful infliction of sadness. It truly is inevitable- You can be hard at work, attempting at executing your tasks to your best of abilities but be interrupted with an announcement that your best is not good enough. You can be going about your life normally then receive a text message from a good friend expressing disappointment with you and your ways. You can be having one of the best days of your lives, then receive the shocking news of a close one’s passing. This will all undoubtedly bring about the inevitable, heavy and suffocating ache that is sadness.

It is more than a mere ‘bad day‘, as they call it, for the overbearing sadness grips at your heart very tight and will result in an affected quality of life, be it physically or emotionally. It’s not that you don’t want to be happier, or at least, to feel better; the fact is, you just simply cannot, or you just have no idea how to. For the strugglers of sadness, we truly feel for you, so find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In addition, here are simple ways to alleviate the pain that is sadness.

Surround yourself with the right company.

This is a statement that has tired itself from being the basis of advice by so many people- But it still rings true. The power of distraction is something a lot of us take lightly, but its powers are extraordinary, especially when it is rooted on the presence and engagement of the right company. Think about it: The right company would not just be able to lift your dampened emotions, but they would also know you well enough to offer the right pieces of advice, based on the kind of person that you are. Think of your best friends, your sisters, parents or even your little baby siblings. You know what they say, kids do say the funniest things.

Pro-Tip: If it just so happens that no one is around and available at a certain time, resort to the companionship of your pets; cats, dogs, turtles- Simply adorable little critters who are able to put a smile on your face.

Remind yourself that it is not your fault.

It will be inevitable that the sad soul would blame no one but him/herself for ending up in such an unfortunate predicament. You should not think that way, for one of the many ways people evolve in life is by making mistakes. We’re not advocates for blatantly committing bad deeds, but look at it this way: You feel guilty and are blaming yourself because you know you would not have done whatever bad thing you did if you knew it was going to result in a sticky situation and hence sadness. You made an honest mistake, and there should be no need to punish yourself for that.

Pro-Tip: Learn from your mistakes. If you accidentally hurt your best friend’s feelings, apologise but make sure the apology comes sincerely from the heart and not merely from the mouth. Rise above and learn; be a friend who is better than good. You will be happier in no time.

Maintain optimism!

Ah, yet another phrase that has tired itself from constant usage. It is, however, very true, for the maintaining of optimism will undoubtedly attract from the universe nothing less than, yes you’ve guessed it, more positivity!

Pro-Tip: Practise positivity in your everyday life- Smile more, hold the door open for that stranger you keep running into in between classes, pay for the next customer in line (but perhaps not if he or she is buying a trolley full of groceries) and no, that person’s outfit is not ugly but it is just quirky and unique; happy deeds result in a happy you, and a happy you results in a better version of you with reduced mistakes and missteps.

You will eventually not just be able to live better with less sadness, but when the unfortunate event does come when sadness comes crawling up your spine as if ready to eat you up, you will know better than to wallow in the dark nothingness and unnecessary despair.

Another important pro-tip: Drop the ego and apologize for the mistakes you have done and clarify (not justify!) the actions that you took, even if they were lacking any bad intent. Your sadness will then leave your heart, you will feel better and happiness will come back into your life in the form of a mended friendship.